Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


Yeah, sorry about not writing yesterday. I am all kinds of fucking overwhelmed. I need a damn art coach. For example:

Setting up my Clammr account, I need to
- Get a rad profile picture together that will grab the listener's/surfer's attention, I have the image,I'm looking for the killer effect to add to it in Photoshop. I've been looking for two days and nights.
- Pick a poem. Oh fuck, I hadn't even considered this part.
- Remaster the poem with instructions from a youtube video I already have saved to a playlist.
- Pick an 18 second excerpt from said remastered poem
- Make a smallish icon for he poem. I haven't decided if I will make the icons all the same with the names of the poems on them, or different icons for each.
- Upload all this shit to the appropriate places.
- Come up with a description of the poem
- Repeat steps 2 through whatever tomorrow.
I CAN'T GET PAST THE FIRST STEP. I AM OBSESSING ON THIS FUCKING PROFILE PICTURE. And Doc is absolutely NO help. He hates the picture I'm using because it's random and "arty" (yes, he said that), so he won't cooperate any further with this project. Plust he thinks the very idea of Clammr is stupid. So I'm all on my own for this and I'm not doing well.

The painting, I need to
- Clean the glass really well with vinegar and water and dry it well.
- Pick a spot in the living room that will have light at night, so I don't have to move it around
- just paint the thing for chrissakes.
I have a clear picture of it in my head. In fact, I have painted it, from start to completion, in my head, three full times, now. It's really time to get it out of my head.

But really, I think once I have a breakthrough with this Clammr thing, I will be okay. I'm thinking of skipping step one right now and go to remastering. Do three or four pieces to choose from and then go back to the profile picture.

You know, I just looked at the photo, and my hand is covering too much of the apple for me to do that without blowing my fingers off, too. Not what I am going for. Yet. I know I'm going to change the background. I could turn myself into a Warhol, or a comic book character. Maybe I'll do that. It turns out to be quick.

Kelli told me to find stretches on the interwebs for my back. She says she gets it from sitting at work. So I need to get up and walk and stretch more.

I NEED a new trackball. I'm going to broach the subject with Doc next week. This week is bills. This week was food and tobacco. Last week was rent. Week after next, I get paid. So if I bring it up next week, he can think on the expense for a week, and then we'll be flush. That way I'm not springing it on him.

I'm determined to get his mother a Mother's Day gift that she likes this year. She spurned his Xmas gift. And I did that photo book for his dad for Father's Day, so we've got to step to with Mother's Day. She is impossible to please. She wants nothing. She likes nothing. She hates me. There were a few years there where she liked me, but now I'm just the nutjob that took her baby away from her. That will take precedence over my trackball.

Speaking of getting up and stretching. I've been sitting in this position for an hour now. So I'm going to sign off.

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