Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I'll write more later tonight

Another weekend I get nothing done. I will clean the house to the best of my ability tonight.

My back is still all fracked up. I took a hot bath last night and stayed in it until it was cold. I was reading. I got out and it was three in the morning so I took my meds and went to bed.

I woke up at 11am and Doc was already asleep for work tonight.

I should have had him take me to the Urgent Care yesterday. I don't like this back thing. When it happened a few weeks ago, it lasted for two or three days and then just stopped. This is day four. The Naproxen isn't even putting a dent in it. Neither did the aspirin or the ibuprofen. The bath helped for a little while. I wonder if the heating pad would help. I'll try that next.

I watched "Going Clear", the documentary about Scientology. Nothing in it surprised me. I guess I read too much about it before I saw it. Now I want to read the book and find out what was left out of the movie. It made me feel not so bad about my mormon upbringing. Same con man origins, and outer space-based mythos, but not so much with the capital punishment with the mormons.

Now it's Monday . . .

I've been up for a few hours. Just dicking around on Twitter. My back is killing me. I have get Doc up in a half an hour. Today, I might get Arby's! He's been promising for a few weeks now.

My back has this new thing. The pain is on the right side, lower group of muscles. Now, when I tweak it accidentally, it sends a shot of numb-like needles and pins down my right leg. I may actually sleep in my bed tonight. Change the cat-furred sheet and put the clothes away that I've piled on it. I have a night light in there, and I can bring the computer in and put my playlist on for the night.

I've decided what I'm going to paint. The Shadow Man and the Little Girl. I'm still working out what I'll do for the background.

Doc and I talked last night and I have decided to put my Super Secret Art Installation on hold. Mainly because of the money I will need to fund it and the complete lack of interest in audience participation I've gotten. Instead I will concentrate on my painting and Clammr. Since now is the time to make a name for myself on Clammr, it stands that I spend my time on that. First up, profile image. I want to do a dispersion effect on the image I have in mind, so I need to go cruise Pinterest for a tutorial. I saw a few the other night, so they shouldn't be hard to find.

In fact, I will spend the next 15 minutes doing that. I'll write more laster tonight.

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