Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Sick of it all, and at long last, defeated

I got through half of the phone interview with the Welfare people when we hit a snag. They needed a certificate of completion from rehab. I don't think I completed it. I remember they put me on haldol and it Seriously interfered with my participation in NA and group. I told the woman that, and she told me she had to talk to her boss, and would call me back. While waiting for her, I took a chance and found a "rehab" tag in here and found out that I went in 2008, and I put 2011 on my application. So I may be outside the statute of limitations on that. I also need to have her amend the back medical charges. Doc informed me that we don't have any for the three months that are eligible outside of prescription costs and those don't count. I'm just waiting for her to call back.

So far, the people I've talked to have been super nice. I was expecting this to be a really ugly process, and it really hasn't been so far. They are considering Doc's income into things, so I will likely not get any SNAP help, which sucks. We could really use the extra food money. The medicaid is a no-brainer. I'll get that without problem because I'm on medicare and SSI.

Andrea Bocelli . . .

They just called back. My first paragraph is moot. So is the second, well, the second is just wrong. Doc makes too much money to qualify for either food or medical assistance. I want to kill something. No, really. I want to kill something.

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