Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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I woke up this morning. Had a couple of cigarettes. Sat down at the computer. Went to my starting page,, where I keep all my oft used links. I get a generic 404 screen. Odd, I have a custom 404 screen on my domain. I delete the "starting.html" part and hit enter.

I am presented with a white screen with a rather good drawing of several cats with speech bubbles, it is a navigation menu. Cute. But not mine. Someone has hijacked my (recently paid for) site. I check her twitter and facecbook. She's just a crafter, not insidious. I tweet her and ask her to shed some light on how she came about this domain.

I put in a help desk ticket with my web host. None of the WHOIS registries have been updated yet, so all ownership still reflects me and Warped, my awesome web host. So I can get no info that way. Looking through her stuff, I can't even see why she would want this particular domain. It isn't a good fit for the things she makes. And she's got talent, no denying that.

So, anyway, I'm sitting here having a little freak out. The paranoia is raging in me. Does this have anything to do with the domain hack when I was messing with those online people? The one where they got into my Network Solutions account and turned on auto billing and dicked me out of $100 bucks (that I was able to recoup, thanks to the generosity of friends and a stranger). Could they have somehow turned my domain over to an unsuspecting innocent? These are the things going through my mind, and I may need that other half of Xanax.

I am a victim of a vigilante crafter! No, I won't tweet that. I'm sure this is just a clerical error. And if it's not, well, I guess I just learn to hack.

If you want to help me, email and ask where Cydniey went. It will only take you a minute.

Doc always sleeps through the good shit.

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