Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Okay, perky people are on my TV, I must smash them.

Is it only 8:49? That's it, I'm sleeping today.

Doc insisted that I sign up for Medicaid online, which ended up being a huge time waster, as all the medicaid links led to our Health Insurance Exchange. When I finally got in to fill out an application, as Doc insisted, when they started asking for his information, he got ugly and defensive. He shouldn't have to give his information and blah blah blah. So I sit here, through this tirade and go on with my form filling out. As I get to the place that needs his employer info and gross income, he is asleep. GODDAMMIT I AM GETTING SICK OF THIS.

He's been nothing but rude and mean to me today. And I swear, if he keeps using that "retarded" voice to mock me when he doesn't hear me (or says he doesn't hear me, he has hearing like a bat, he hears me), it is going to get him stabbed in his sleep.

There was the obligatory fight over my eating, or lack of. He kept berating me until I got up and grabbed a nutrient shake. He's trying to get out of his promise to get me Arby's. If it's a money thing, I get it. But we're flush. I'm sick of his procrastinating. This is week two that B has had the scooter, and he has yet to make any progress because he's been busy breaking Doc's spare scooter. Then he insisted that Doc may as well get a whole new back end for the main scooter. And who is going to pay for him to play with new parts and break them and make Doc buy more? B? I don't think so.

So sick of it all.

I gt my Clammr information today, so I can start working with that.

Okay, perky people are on my TV, I must smash them.

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