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"and the next day and the next and another day"

I'm almost weaned off Twitter and Facebook. Really. I read them today, but just because I was bored and I thought my scanning stuff would keep Doc awake. So I'm listening to my play list through my headphones. I pared about 120 songs off of it. I have yet to replace them with the new stuff.

Another day, another set of promises broken. No food either day. Yesterday I had something to eat after he left for work. Tonight I don't have anything because I defrosted his steak, not my ground beef. And the avocados he got aren't anywhere near ripe yet for guacamole. This is all in preparation for a nacho feast. But it's not going to happen tonight and I'm hungry and I don't want cereal. I decided I hate Lucky Charms about halfway through my new box of it. I don't know why, I just don't like it anymore.

We had a big talk yesterday about why I don't brush my teeth. So I explained to him in detail what brushing my teeth is like. One front tooth gets bent all the way back against my tongue as the toothbrush passes, and I really don't want it to be any looser. And pieces of my teeth break off when I brush my teeth. And I use the gentlest brush and paste. And the whole experience is really traumatic for me. At which point, he looks at me like I'm a pitiful street urchin and wonders aloud what to do. Quick, I have to look at the Medicare site. Medicare doesn't cover dental, I tell him. I need Medicaid, the state run medical care service. That covers dental. I explain this to him for the hundredth time, and it ends with him making me go brush my teeth.

I'm still not in the mood to talk. I was in the mood earlier, but the first time I spoke up, he interrupted with a totally unrelated subject. The second time I spoke up, he walked out of the room, down the hall and in to his bedroom and shut the door. So I just stopped. The only other time I spoke up is when he asked if I wanted him to stay home with me because I was being symptomatic. I said absolutely not. That I needed some time alone with the animals.

Speaking of animals, Bagira brought me a bird. It was a song bird and not a pigeon, which was a bummer, but it was really good of him. It's the first gift he's ever brought me.

I live tweeted "Scorpion" when it was on earlier. I consider it a win any time I get retweeted by the official twitter site of the show. I got one tonight. So it's been a cool night.

I've found a niche that I fit in with: Supercar Enthusiasts. I guess they like a girl who can correctly spell Koenigsegg, or maybe even just know what it is. It's a Swedish Supercar that is in direct competition with Bugatti to create the world's fastest road car. Really the only company I've heard of that is trying that feat. And their design is definitely Scandinavian. Ferrari and Lamborghini have their niche with older men who just want to go fast because their lives are going to slow. Something they can keep in the garage and take out on track day to let their testosterone flow. But Bugatti and Koenigsegg are really pushing the laws of what road cars, and for that matter, supercars can do.

Certain Middle Eastern countries, like UAE are using the Bugatti Veyrons as police cars. I want to visit the UAE and take a tour looking at cars driving around. If your police force needs the fastest road car in the world, what are your citizens driving? I imagine a sea of Lamborghini Guilardos (sp) going through the paces of traffic patterns, the ebb and flow of hyper aerodynamic vehicles as people travel to and from the incredible architecture. That, to me, is vacation.

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to drive one of these cars. I can't drive. I just want to see one up close and personal and take pictures. I don't even know that I want to ride in something that goes that fast. I'm just in love with the design and power and technology and engineering. "Top Gear" started me on this "hobby" Then I started searching for local Bugattis, hoping maybe one was on display somewhere. Nope. I can rent one for $150 an hour from a number of places, but none are available for sale in this city. Las Vegas, and you can't get a Bugatti. I am so disappointed in our city.

Argh, James Corden debuts tonight on the Late Late Show on CBS, and I'm just not in the mood to stay up for it. Plus the whole hour of David Letterman makes me sad and a little ill. There is nothing else on, I tried Fallon and he did some 10 minute sketch featuring possibly the most annoying and unrecognizable character. I couldn't even get who he was mocking and he took it so far that he became unintelligible halfway through the skit, and still it went on. I never liked Fallon, and I still don't.

It's going to be in the upper 80s this week. Near 90 on a couple of days. This does not bode well for summer. If Doc has the a/c unit he thinks he does, I think I'm, going to ask him to hook it up in the studio, which I am slowly reclaiming. One by one I am putting tools away and art supplies away. I need the studio for the big deal art project that is going absolutely nowhere. That way I can set up the cam. That way I can document the making of it. It will be well over a hundred in the garage, where my studio is. I should put the rug down in there tomorrow. I should also ask Doc if I can have the black rug for the mudroom/kitty room.

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