Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

la la la la la la

Lookie here

This is a crap camera. We got one (purple) for $30 at Big Lots a couple of years ago. Interesting that they have appreciated in value, even a little bit. It is reliable. It does what it is supposed to do, well. But it has no flash, and I think only a 2x digital zoom. No optical zoom. It takes video in good light and pictures in good light. in bad light it makes creepy, noisy, unfixable pictures. I'm thinking, because it is so small and flat and fits in my pocket and hip pack well, that I will make a section on my site called, "Good Photos From a Crappy Camera".

My other two cameras are Canon Powershots. About 6 years old, but not at all worse for wear. The smaller one that I bought with Camel Cash has 10x optical zoom, whereas the larger one, given to me by my Tech Farie, only has an 8x optical zoom, but has a 16x digital zoom. So they are good for different things. I use the big one for HDR photos because i can adjust the shutter speed in a very limited way, but I can adjust it, so I can get different exposures for the HDR engine.

I think I'm ready for a DSLR. With a telephoto lens. And a detailed manual. But my budget says, HA! Just justifies my doing a lot of post processing in Photoshop. It's a challenge trying to get DSLR quality pictures using what I have. Including the collar camera. Another crappy camera I have gotten good images from.

I really want to go to First Friday wearing the collar cam. I think that would be cool. I think I could get some really great shots/really great footage. And if I do video, I have a great program, other than Adobe Premier Pro that I can get great frame captures out of the footage with. It just doesn't record sound, I don't think. That would be weird.

Microsoft is allegedly giving upgrades of 10 to people with pirated copies of Windows. Wouldn't you know it, I'm running a legal copy right now.

Is Doc's phone still here? Is it going off? What is that buzzing? Hold on a minute here. Okay, couldn't find it. What's on TV?


Well, now. I've decided to go to bed.

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