Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

And they go really well with trout.

My hair is now long enough to brush my arms below my sleeves. And when I wear tank tops, especially. Wow, is that annoying. Do I keep growing it out with the dual color look, or bleach the substantial roots and then some color I couldn't if I were employed outside the house. I'm torn between blue and purple. Leaning more toward royal blue. It looks good on me, that's been established. Goes with my clothes. And goes with my eyes as it fades. I have to talk to Doc about it. It's a matter of affording the extra box of bleach and the two or three jars of Manic Panic, or whatever the kids are using these days.

So I get major hygiene points for showering and straightening my hair and changing my clothes. Reluctantly. I was wearing my favorite black flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off.

I've been losing weight. I haven't been trying, though I've been wanting to. My 36" jeans are starting to slide down, which is fine, I have a closet full of 34" jeans that I like a lot better. It's the walking of the dog daily. And the complete lack of soda. Even though I use a lot of sugar in my coffee, it's nothing compared to how much sugar is in soda. And I've been trying to stay away from fast food by cutting out cheese burgers and bacon I didn't cook myself. This still allows me Arby's once a month.

This was an expensive medication month. It set me up for 90 days for two meds. So my grocery allowance was low. But doc managed to get me a couple of fresh baked mini baguette to eat with tuna. I had my salmon from a couple of weeks ago. It had been in the freezer. I pan fried it with a brown butter/lemon/dill sauce and made pan fried ramen noodles with brown butter and minced garlic marinaded in olive oil. When the noodles and the fish were done, I combined sauces and poured them over the noodles and fish on the plate and made the top of the fish sizzle, just like the show off chefs do. A brief glance into my past life.

I told him if he gets me a rainbow trout, I'll use the rest of the Champagne to make a sauce for it. Salmon would fight with it, but trout would work with the strong flavor, I think. Just use it like lemon juice in a pan fry. Next month I want slivered almonds and trout and fresh green beans. That's a bit out of the realm of the 30 or so things I usually eat, but I'm craving green beans almondine. And they go really well with trout.

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