Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Okay! False Alarm!

45 minutes with the heating pad and the pain is gone! Pulled muscle. Wow, have I turned into a baby with regards to pain.

And Major may not be my cord chewer, it may be Boomer. Still, one of my cats. Well, one of Doc's has started spraying where Lelu used to lay on the counter. Ruined a perfectly good box of Earl Grey.

No pain means that I will be able to take Chewy for a walk today. Doc meant for me to lay down until 6. Not gonna happen. I am going to do the dozen or so litter boxes we have. Really, there are two in the mudroom, one in my room, one outside of Doc's room at the end of the hallway, and one in the spare room. I keep my bathroom closed off now, so there is no longer one in there. And of course the random peeing has stopped with Lelu's passing. She managed to get near the litter boxes, but that was as far as she got sometimes. I wish I'd have known about kitty dementia earlier, then I would have known what we were dealing with. I'd say for the last two years, at least, of her life.

I still haven't taken the stuff and the box her ashes are in out of the mesh bag they sent it home in. I just can't. The shrine is getting crowded. Four cats. Doc said no more cats. He can't go through this again anytime soon. I agree. He said, but maybe a dog. I don't know how serious he was about that, but all dogs over a year old are only $40 (instead of the normal $180) at the Animal Foundation this weekend, and they do have a few cute pups that aren't Chi's or Pitbulls. It's not that I have anything against them, it's just that they tend to have behavioral issues that aren't immediately apparent in a shelter environment that I don't want to deal with. And I don't want anything as big as a Pitbull. I want something little like Chewy that I can pick up if I need to.

Boomer is sitting next to me, cleaning herself, and occasionally leaning over and trying to take a bite out of the heating pad. It isn't on, but that still isn't a good habit to have. Silly bad kitty.

Felix has been up my nose the past few days. I don't know what it is. Boomer was on my lap the other day and he climbed right up with her. She didn't make a fuss and they both lay there for about a half an hour. Now he is constantly on me or with me. If I go outside and I don't take him, he sits at the door and stares at me. In the morning when I give the "get down" command for he and the dog, the dog gets down, but Felix climbs right up me until he's in my face and growls at me when I put him down. This is how we start our mornings. Right now, if he were pressed any harder against my leg, he would be a part of it.

Boomer and Vader are the only cats that I ever see groom themselves. That's odd. I know Simon does, because he removed all his mattes this past summer. But I've never seen him do anything more than preen his tail.

I got a bunch of twitter hate yesterday from a post I made a month ago. Block block block. When the only retort you can think of in an online environment is "Bring it on", I've really got nothing to say to you. Someone else made lots of false assumptions, and I have no time for that, either. First you have to debunk, then, and only then, can you get to the point, and that never happens. Because they come at you with a new set of false assumptions and it's this big circle. Block block block.

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