Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

And now it's Wednnesday.

I've started adding images of text excerpts of my poems over different backgrounds I create in Photoshop when I post about the audience participation portion of my art project. So far it has gotten me attention from two larger sites, one you may have heard of,, and another I forget the name of. Both announced my page being added to their sites and then deleted the tweets. Often done by professional tweeters so their timeline doesn't get all cluttered up.

I also got a tweet placed on a zen website. I answered a question, "Do you believe in fate?" I said something flippant about believing in stupid. And this zen site added it to their zen quotes of the week. So, basically, all the followers I lost by mass unfollowing the mental health and stoprush crowd, I have gained back in the way of artists, art directors, art blogs, and writers. Far more interesting and productive.

So I read the articles on my timeline now, but don't retweet them, unless they personally touch me. I promote the arts and literature. I realized I was hanging out with the wrong people to get the attention I want. I need to stop isolating myself from other artists. Maybe eventually collaborate on something.

I am so glad I'm rocking the Cymbalta again. I feel so much better.

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