Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

And early Monday, I put some meaningless title on this and hit "post".

I found a logitech trackball, wireless, even, for $30 on So I put it on my wishlist so I can find it again. I'll probably be able to get it the third week of next month, when i get paid. Our water bill will be back to a realistic $20, instead of $110, when we had the "leak". And next month is cheap meds month. So yeah, I can see maybe squeaking a new trackball in. The skinny ones that use your middle finger to manipulate the ball are not what I want. i want the old-style, fills-your-hand, run-the-ball-with-your-thumb trackball. The exact, corded model i have is $60-$70, but the wireless, is half the price. Since the distance won't be tested between the device and the receiver, I see no down side to getting a wireless.

I've figured out what I did online before twitter and facebook. Pinterest. It's like retail therapy. I got so many free photoshop tutorials, actions, textures, backgrounds, stock images, and what all. It was great. The best thing I got was a tutorial on how to do a line drawing from a photo. Which I can then invert and add a glow to the now white line art, and end up with the effect they are using for Orphan Black previews on BBC America.

That was written last night.

This is Written tonight (Sunday, 3.1.15):

I had planned to watch the Finding Jesus special on CNN, but I just can't. I cannot believe the superstitious crap they are presenting and encouraging. And they've got the guy playing Jesus all beat up and covered with sores and blood and gore, more Christian torture porn. They're going on about the Shroud of Turin. I thought that was debunked a decade ago. This is the Anti-Cosmos. It's really terrible. Hide your kids. The cats are largely unconcerned with the New Testament, so I'm not worried about them being in here with me while I watch this. So I don't know how long I'll stick with it. TV pickings are slim on Sunday night.

Doc got me a new pillow. I've been sleeping on a flat one with a throw pillow under it for so long, I'd kind of forgotten the concept of new pillow. Until he brought a really nice one home from when he went out the other day to visit J. They had ended up going shopping, because he is the only man who will shop with her. And as she was leading him through the store aimlessly, they passed the pillows and he decided to pick one up for me. It's got gusseted corners, I guess so it will always be thick? I'm sure it means something.

And early Monday, I put some meaningless title on this and hit "post".

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