Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

For that, we get a football team named after us. Magic.

I think our meteorologists are confused. They said heavy clouds would roll in last night and bring high winds and scattered showers. Then, this morning would be like the end days (at least in our terms), with winds and driving rains and flooding and low temps.

It is cloudless to every horizon. There is a light, cool breeze. And it's 54 degrees at 8:13 in the morning. I'm guessing someone missed a memo. I'll take it. Gladly. Was kind of looking forward to the rain, but I have clothes to hang to dry, so this works out well for me.

What the hell did I do online before twitter and facebook? I'm guessing I got a lot more done. Which stings because if the Mouse Situation. I've got to figure out how to work with it in Photoshop. I have this set of photos I took the other day. It's killing me that I can't work with them. Kelli commiserated with me yesterday. And assured me they don't work any mmore smoothly on a flat surface than they do on a textured one. I got out a mousepad, and damned if she wasn't right.

For shits and giggles, I flip i over and let the nearest cat believe they have captured the red dot. And randomly click on whatever non-commercial link they land on. I call it therapy.

I went to the NAMI site that my doctor recommended and you have to join, and it's really hard sell. You have t dig deep to find out what they do besides raise money, and I still have no idea what they raise the money for. Not my kind of thing. I'm guessing he was hoping it would lead me to othr local resources, but it's not that kind of site. It's all about keeping you on their site until you give in and sign up/donate. Their not a clearinghouse for resources.

The couple of day programs are across town, and conflict with Doc's schedule, and we still haven't gotten an answer as to their coverage (insurance). Besides, it's afternoon/evening/night that I am left to my own devices. And Medicare won't cover a part time care giver a couple of days a week to take the pressure off Doc. So, dead end. But in true Viking tradition, I shall plunder on.

I tweeted an article about Vikings the other day that was very good, but I had to throw the whole thing into question as it claimed there are no modern day Vikings. just a month ago, I forwarded a link to another article about a medium sized tribe of Vikings still living traditionally in Sweden. I tweeted the second article anyway, with the comment that the Vikings were not a dead race. It's important to me that people know that. My heritage lives on, in this modern day. How many people can say that? Okay, better question, how many White Americans can say that? I'd also like to point out that, though a rowdy bunch, with a bad reputation, my Viking ancestors were the first whites to discover this continent and they did NO damage. They left the natives alone. Then they went home. For that, we get a football team named after us. Magic.

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