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Cydniey Buffers

I'm Back, Babycakes!

I have SO had it with House Republicans. Specifically their leader (Speaker Boehner). Doc and I watched the Nay vote on the DHS funding bill go down on CSPAN today live. The vote was so close. But for every Aye vote that came in, a couple of Nays would match it. Back and forth. Then the clock ran out and the last few votes were counted and the decision announced and Doc and I were agape. Now, I'm watching confused and scared Democrats on TV trying to make sense of the world. The GOP is now trying to pass a short-term resolution for just long enough for Bibi Netanyahu's little visit with them. Yeah, Fuck the country, just don't hurt the genocidal maniac who just happens to want to bomb the same people that we've (the GOP) have been just dying to bomb for decades (Iran). These men are dangerous. And people keep voting for them, or more importantly, the people who wouldn't vote for them are wracked by apathy and don't bother to vote. ARGH!

So yeah, you could say I'm suffering Twitter withdrawal. I can actually sum that all up into about three 140 character tweets. It has really destroyed my communication skills. I talk in tweets. Doc never has a fucking clue what I'm on about. I frustrates him, and I try so hard not to do it. If I didn't have this place to explain my thoughts thoroughly, I would be a blithering idiot by now.

I just spent 15 minutes I will never get back apologizing to Chewbacca for not taking him for a walk because Doc isn't home if I need help. He is out doing laundry and visiting with J. I sent him over with toys for her cat and a blouse for her. I never wore it. I don't know what illusion I was under when I bought it. It was while I was really skinny, and it was black, but really girly and I didn't try it on until I got it home. And it looked ridiculous on me. So I hung it in my closet and forgot about it. I was going through my closet yesterday, just to see what I had in there, and I found this blouse and thought of her. So when Doc said he was going over today, I folded it up and put it in his rucksack after I made sure with him that she wouldn't be offended, and to make sure he told her I never wore it or anything, I had just put it away.

George Takei is making the evening news talk rounds. I saw him on CNN and on MSNBC. Much better on MSNBC. CNN just, none of them seem to know how to interview people. Don't get me wrong, MSNBC is far from a perfect news outlet, but at least some of them seem to have benefited from higher education. Not just drank themselves into a bought and paid for legacy diploma.

Kelli has this theory about Fox News. Rupert Murdoch started it as satire, got the most hopeless and disgraced menagerie together and let them run wild without the constraints of truth or ethics. And, low and behold, it took off. A huge portion of the American poppulation, including high powered positions and heads of industry were buying it, all of it. It was being taken as truth. So he kept upping the ante. Then this Bill O'Reilly thing happened and everyone with sense called for ethics and truth from Fox, but the really smart ones realized nothing is going to happen to ol' Bill. He won't be held accountable. There is no standard to be held to.

Wow, this is really freeing. Talking for myself about what is happening in the world, not just passing my ideas on through other people's articles.

I have this sore on the side of my nose (added to the missing teeth, I have big Tweaker Privilege), that I have had for about a year and a half. It started out as a small zit-sized sore. Now it has taken over the side of my nose ("How sexy am I now, Fucker?), and just keeps going. The scab comes off and it bleeds just a bit, then it scabs. And I try not to pick at it, which is hard (see above quote), because I can see it in my periphery. I'm afraid I have nose cancer or something. It doesn't hurt. I don't remember a zit ever being there. The sore just appeared. It's annoying.

Back to George Takei, talking about Leonard Nimoy. He has such stories, and he is such and amazing story teller. I could listen to him for hours, days, even. I can't believe he's gone. Doc asked me if I was ready to quit smoking yet. I snarkily told him to shut up and let me grieve or I'd pinch him in the shoulder until it really annoyed him.

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