Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


Okay, so Simon and I comprimised. He is in my lap and the laptop in on him and one of my legs. Why no, no it isn't very comfortable.

GARRR, I am so freaking depressed. I am so looking forward to my walk with Chewy today. Yesterday, there was a big fight at the big truck corner and it scared Chewy. I wonder which way he'll choose to go today. Another hour and I can take him.

I got up as doc was going to sleep, so I didn't get to tell him we are out of tobacco. I can roll him enough cigarettes for the night, but not me. He's getting up at 6, so theoretically he could go then, but he wants to be at work by 7 to make some overtime.

That reminds me, I came up with a solid new idea for The Art Project, and I have to price out the materials. All I have to do before assembly starts is come up with a quote. Something about mental illness or mental health. Maybe something obscure. Yes, definitely obscure. To do with my own madness, but open enough to apply loosely to anyone for anything. People write entire songs like that, I can certainly come up with two or three lines.

The next day . . .

When I got back from Chewy's walk yesterday, I was like to choke a dude (bonus points if you can tell me where that particular colloquialism is from). There is this grumpy man down the street. I was crossing his driveway with Chews and the motherfucker honked at us with his big ass truck horn. Scared the shit out of both Chewy and I. So I finished crossing the driveway, and led Chews to the other side of his lawn. I always pick up the poop, but this man sits and watches me to make sure I do. I have tried to be friendly to him on a number of occasions, and he is just a jackass. So while Chews and I are on the other half of his lawn, I turned to the old man in his big truck (compensating), and he was giving me this dirty look, like I had no right to walk my dog on my street. Fuck him, right? So I conjured my most evil, crazed look and turned it right on him until he uncomfortably looked away. His wife came out of the garage with this confused look on her face, wondering what was going on, so I turned the evil look to her, so she wouldn't feel left out. I declare a feud.

And this was no regular evil look, this was a scowl, chased with fear, chased with rage, chased with a veiled death threat. All in one look. If I see him on my walk today, I'm going to confront his ass. I've been so apathetic for so long, that I want to feed on this rage. I show that man respect, more than he knows. I have spend evenings in the dark with a flashlight to capture all of Chewy's poop. I complimented him on his spectacular xmas display, he grunted at me. What a jackass.

Our door knobs are fixed. We got new ones for the front, back and two of the three security gates. I think the guy fixed our light, too. And

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