Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

In case you've not noticed

I am an accidental artist. And an accidental poet. The writing thing was on purpose, there was schooling there. But I never took art classes because I couldn't create at all under structure. I even had art teachers that understood this and did all they could to strip away as much of the structure as they could, without disrupting the class. It never worked. My drawing skills are right up there with a first grader's. And I'm not in any way being self-depreciating. It's true. I can't draw a mohawk on a head provided to me. I cannot translate three dimensions to paper. So at one point a friend and I named me an Outside artist. But that didn't really stick, because there is nothing folksy about any of my accidental art. I'm more of an Inside artist.

In that my art is pulled, wrenched from inside of me. And most of it is happy. Or it has been. I don't know what it's going to be now. My photo editing has been very dark and vague, and I wonder if that will translate to the dozen foot square canvas boards I have waiting for me in my studio. THE art project, that I will actually try to find a gallery for and learn the heartache of that aspect of being an accidental artist. That will be kind of dark, but tongue in cheek. I feel like, after 30 years on some sort of medication, I can make this point. It's coming from a personal place that I know inside and out, and if I don't find some aspect of it to mock, laugh at, something, it will take over and it will be all that I am. And I'm not hep to that.

Hey, that could be my quote in the bottles.

So, I have artistic training, of a sort. Several technique books, and texts. Nothing I do is anything like I did. It's always something new. I guess that's why it doesn't come that often, I'm not prolific at art. I blame it on the meds. The shaking and the constantly interrupted thought process and ooh! Squirrel!

I'm also an accidental photographer, which I know is more than apparent. I don't try to hide shite pictures with filters, though. I take the best of a set, and then work with it, only using a filter if I'm pressed for time. I learned most of my favorite techniques before I got gifted the really cool filter set from tech heaven. And I don't always mess with my photos at all.

Oh, Lawdy, they are doing an expose on chemtrails on my trusted local news channel. This is just beyond silly.

Much to my dismay, I cannot stream "To Kill a Mockingbird" on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I can't even rent it on AP. Netflix will at least send you the DVD. And the copy of the book I have on Kindle is so badly formatted . . . ugh.

I think I'm done confessing and complaining now. I'm going to go out and have a smoke while the temp is still in the 70's. Now this is what I'm talking about!

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