Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Here I am, coming to you sober . . .

No meds that make me wonky right now. A xanax in an hour so I can deal with the getting-Doc-off-to-work thing.

Then some light dishes and cat box scooping.



Continue scanning journals? Look for printable labels? I have to make the labels myself for the "project". To have them printed would have cost a minimum of $150 for four colors, and I only need two, if that. And that was for way more labels than I needed. At each company I visited, they had an astronomical minimum order, that's why so expensive.

Or I can work on my smashbook. I'm cutting up the bag that LeLu came home in, with the receipt and her name, "LeLu Dallas" on it. He remembered in his grief to use her whole name. Anyway, I'm cutting that part to be the size of my smashbook and putting it in as its own page.

Has sportsball begun yet? Everyone with TVs in the neighborhood in their garages (which I would estimate at about 75%) are making a lot of noise. The day is mild, everyone was out. All dogs put away. I really wasn't feeling well, so I took Chewy on a walk, and I feel much better now. Doc brought home pizza, and it just didn't sit right with me. I really wish I hadn't eaten it.

I told Doc, and he asked if I ate too much. I told him I only had two slices and he went off on the anorexic bird eating habits thing again. As I stared at my pot belly. I'm neither gaining nor losing weight. He should just be happy I'm not all skeletal like I got a couple of years ago when his friends were teasing me all the time and even Mike, that bastard, was teasing me. I'm a little heavier than I was in high school, but no where near as big as I was in college (the second round of college) when an even heavier, dykier version of me turned up in a few issues of Wonder Woman working at a Taco Hut and driving a Jeep. No, that was egg salad and curly fries every day for lunch and white pizza for dinner and lots and lots of beer.

I'm going to switch on my play list and trust it not to fuck me over.

Well, that didn't last long.

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