Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I'm just too tender there.

Prince's "I Would Die for You" is a lot better than I remember. Maybe I'll check out some of his new music. Though I can't look at him with those stupid third-eye sunglasses.

Now we're on to Social Distortion's "Don't Take Me for Granted". Could you call this a punk power ballad? Thoughts?

Today was Friday so I got to go back to sleep this morning and sleep until the middle of the afternoon. And Doc got to stay up with me until 4:20. We won't talk about why I recall the time so well. So he's asleep until 2 or 3am. I'm awake until about then.

It rained all day. The dog didn't get a walk. I expect him to poop in my bedroom or the spare room. He won't go three steps out the door. The water has come up the patio some and he's afraid of a tsunami or some doggy shit. I tried putting his hoodie on him, with his hood up, and it didn't convince him. He doesn't like to get his paws wet. And I refuse to get him moccasins. If we lived in a snowy area, sure. But not for a three time a year occurrence. He can hold it.

For the first time since she came to live with us, Boomer responded positively to Doc's hand signal and came to him to be pet. That kind of backs up what I was thinking about last night while I was sitting here, high on Seroquel. That Boomer wasn't just here to help fill Evie's place, but LeLu's as well. And today she gave a sure sign of it. She went to Doc. Soon she'll be sitting in his lap. She's the right addition. This confirms it for me. I was afraid she was going to be a "just mommy" cat like Simon and Major, and I didn't want that. I don't want that.

And WTF is WRONG with my cats? Doc got them yet another kind of treats because they don't like the five kinds we've accumulated, and they wouldn't eat them! None of them. Our cats collectively don't like treats. They are defective. They like catnip, but we buy organic, 2 ounces at a time, and have it shipped here, and with LeLu's cremation, Doc doesn't have it in this month's animal fund. So next month, we'll get them the catnip they love. Doc was sneaky and got them some 9 Lives catnip at the dollar store. They wouldn't get near it, they actually scraped it off the base of the cat tree. Or maybe Chewy did that, thinking it was dirt. He is the arbiter of dirt around here. It was all stems and leaf. It was disappointing. Had no smell.

So Next week I'll get the last payment from my Go Fund Me campaign. Sometime tonight I will put together a Thank You update post. I got my meds. Doc picked them up this morning. And next week, I can get groceries. Doc picked me up some stuff on the clearance rack so I have plenty to eat, he wouldn't let me go hungry unless he absolutely had no choice. At the time the money disappeared, we had no way of knowing if that was the only thing that was going to happen. If that was the start or the end of the whole thing. All I could see was my bills for the month and the knowledge that on this one month, Doc couldn't cover my losses. He had his own shit to deal with.

The last donation was a stranger or alias. That was the easiest one to accept. I still wish I had had the time to give the option of buying one of my books and make the money that way, at least they get something out of it. But it would have taken a couple of months to do that way. And I needed immediacy.

If Kate Bush doesn't make your tummy feel squishy, we can't be friends.

I contacted the owner/guardian of the IP that's been looking around my website so intrusively. He was very nice and professional. I didn't accuse him, he said it could be a crawler looking for RSS feeds, and promised to take my domain off his list. We'll see if that makes any difference in about 10 days.

I really should eat. Oh! I made brownies! I know, I should eat something more substantial. Like a grilled cheddar and bacon on sourdough.

I saw the presence of an OLD friend from high school on Facebook, on a friend's post, in the comments, and my heart skipped a beat. This is one of the very few people I regret leaving things the way I did. Someone who dealt a lot with the crazy, but never knew why. Someone who is owed an explanation. Another someone I don't deserve a chance with. And probably won't ever have a chance with. Combine that with hormones, and it's been a sucktastic day. As Kelli would say. So, can't listen to 80's stuff tonight. No Bono with a mullet, either. I'm just too tender there.

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