Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

WTF Have You Done to the Cat Now? - The Continuing Saga

Vader has Feline Alopecia. He is losing his fur for no apparent reason. The vet we know from up the block stopped by with a King Cake today, his wife makes dozens for his clients and friends round this time of year. I don't even know when Mardi Gras starts this year, but I've got my King Cake. Anyway, he was nice enough to come in and have a cafe au lait with me on the patio while we waited for Vader to come home. He did, and Vet grabbed him and played with him and examined him. No red spots, no itching, no peeling, no chafing, gums and ears all the right colors, claws healthy. So he has this common but mysterious strain that will basically go away on its own. He's just going to look silly for a while.

Vet also looked at LeLu. Yes, she has inflamed gums. Doc brushed her teeth yesterday, and they bled plenty. He has to do more of that. And in response to her sudden not eating, we have boiled chicken, hand shredded, and chicken baby food. And instructions to heat it ever so slightly. LeLu has disappeared, of course. Vet offered to shave her, but not until it warms up. She's so thin, she needs the padding. Even if it is all matted.

So I had a nice visit with a neighbor. To bad he doesn't live on my and Chewy's walking route. He's on Doc's route. Doc saw him yesterday, that's when Vet got tipped off that I like King Cake. I like to let it get just a bit stale and dip it in my coffee. Nom. I certainly didn't expect the free veterinary advice. That was really nice of him. To take the time out on a really nice Sunday to check out my cats.

Chewy got attacked the other day. He didn't get hurt. I lifted him out of the fray by his harness and the dogs on him ended up attacking each other. I was so scared for Chewy and he was shaking so hard the rest of the way home that he couldn't walk a straight line. I hate white people who do not discipline their dogs. And let them run free. If it weren't for the harness and leash to lift him out, I would have reached in the mess to get him out. It totally sucked.

Tomorrow, one of his new pieces of clothing should be here. I can't wait. My punk rock doggie. I made him a t-shirt on one of those "create-on-demand" sites that says "Psycho Puppy". But I'm not yet willing to pay $25 for it. It's just a t-shirt. Plain, white, short sleeved.

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