Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

It's been a busy 24 hours will tell you about the man I've declared war on, on twitter. For no other reason than I am bored and I actually have a support group backing me on this. I got over 100 twitter notifications today. Yes, that is a whole lot for me. I've never gotten that many at once. you can read through my tweets to get my side of the conversation. There's even one with screen caps of the brief conversation that sparked this whole thing. And, it is a thing now. i really don't feel like going into it in here.

Our coffee maker is something of a miracle. Instead of a pot to drip the coffee into, it has a tank. And when you press your mug against a lever on that tank, the coffee comes out while the coffee maker makes a pained industrial sound. So no air gets to the coffee once it is brewed. It is kept at a constant temp for two hours, then shuts off and stays hot for another half hour. The first cup is the same temp as the last cup with the burner turned on. This is the only reason I will drink leftover coffee here. No air gets to the coffee. No skunking the brew. But a fresh pot still tastes best. *slurp*

Doc is out doing his doctor's appointments. He doesn't have to go to work until three in the morning. So I fully expect him to be asleep or out when midnight hits. I'm cool with that. I'm just going to watch the Strip fireworks on TV. I think they are doing them off the roofs of 7 casinos this year. We went down there one of the first years they did it, while Kelli was still in town, and went up to the top of the parking lot at the Hardrock, which is off the strip, and watched from there. And impromptu rave broke out up there, it was strange.

That was enough for me. The Hardrock started charging to park up there unless you were a guest and could prove it. There was really nowhere else to park without a hike, and we were lazy. We were over NYE. We did it in our 20's and early 30's and had pretty much had enough. That was the first NYE for all of us in years where nothing bad happened and we all decided to go out on a high. None of us have been out on NYE since then. That was like, ten years ago?

So, the rumors you've heard are true. I' ashamed to have to say . . . we are expecting snow on the valley floor, which includes the City of Las Vegas and surrounding suburbs. Up to 1". More in higher elevations. Once Doc gets home, I'm hoping the sky opens up on us. I want to see Chewy in the snow. He will be afraid of it. Vader will be cautious, but will soldier on. Teeny, the same. Bagira will be disgusted with it and will demand to be let back in the house post haste. Felix simply won't go out.

I've got new batteries on my camera. I'm ready for this. Oh, there's also a pic in the tweets of me and Chewbacca bundled up to go for a walk with me in my Bono outfit and him in his gay blue sweater, we got caught being kissy faced.

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