Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, and a God Jul (Swedish for Good Yule) to you and yours.

I'm all over happy today. Doc decided at the last minute that we were giving out cookies for the holiday. So I spent 6 hours in the kitchen last night making 3 doz. snickerdoodles, 5 doz oatmeal choc chip, and 12 dozen (I believe that is a Gross of cookies)chocolate mint fudge hemp cookies. Somewhere, I forgot to make my and Doc's cookies. So I'm doing that today. I'm just waiting for the butter to soften.

So I went to bed around 2am. I woke up at 6am, which was when I wanted to wake up, but never thought it would happen. But the Seroquel wants me to sleep more. Right now it manifests in blurry vision and fatigue. I think it's time to have a smoke and make fresh coffee.

I should also find a black tshirt that isn't covered with flour. Interesting as it is, it is quite distracting.

Whoa, just fell asleep there, sitting up. The TV isn't on. And I've taken my headphones off in anticipation of Doc waking up soon. I'm not drinking enough coffee. I know if I went outside, it would wake me up. It's 50 degrees, not cold, but there is actually a wind chill factor going on and we don't get that, often. The wind is strong and destructive, we're used to that. But it's also frigid, and that, we are not used to. So maybe I'll run out there real quick to turn off the fairy lights. But I am not smoking out there.

I'm trying to rope Doc into helping me with the last two batches of cookies. I will go fast either way. The ones I wanted to give as gifts are done, so there is no rush.

And we ARE having Chinese for dinner!

When I got up this morning, only three pieces of icicles had been removed from the tree and apparently violated orally.

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