Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Do they think my devotion is a plaything?

We got the last of the Xmas presents we were expecting today. A Supreme English Breakfast Box of the Blueberry persuasion. Again, to my birth name, spelled wrong. You guessed it, it was from Doc's parents. It's sitting under the tree. It's the only thing there. That's because when I got my box from Kelli and her/my Mom, I tore it open right away.

Tonight, after NCIS: NOLA, I'm going to put the lights on the tree and decorate it. As a treat for Doc when he gets home tomorrow from work.

Down the street, they are flipping a house and there are several frosted glass panes waiting out by the garbage. When doc gets home from work tomorrow, We're taking the big-assed truck to go pick them up. They will make great canvases.

The house they are flipping across the street just got interesting. They are done with the demo and have replaced the stripped siding with stucco. It's going to look so cool when it's done. I'm so curious about what they are going to do with the yard. They've ripped up most of the lawn and the sprinkler system, so I'm thinking they will go with a xerascaped look. Rocks and sand and cacti. That will be great.

We got a new water bill. Our swampland has cost us another $80. We're having it fixed after the holidays. And the short in the light over the sink. Though I'm pretty sure I could fix it myself, I won't mess with it. That's why we rent, so we don't have to deal with shit like that. Plans are to renew the lease again in August next year. We have no desire to leave here. Our joint nightmare is the owners wanting to take possession of it again. But realistically, I don't think that will happen.

I will be spending new year's trimming our crop. It started dying off before we got to the last week's nutrients. And it is so much more than our last crop. I don't have enough jars for it. The next round of plants is having problems and may just die off altogether. Which would fuck us. We have no clones growing. So I spent a few hours at the farm today pulling dead leaves off the plants.

I don't know what to do about my medical card. There is a distinct possibility that it will be legally recreational by the end of next year. The money makers in Vegas are looking agape at Colorado, and the new business with Gay Marriage, and seeing a whole new way to boost tourism. Sure, there's a soccer stadium that will be going up. And we may actually get our first professional sports team, a soccer team. And what makes soccer better? Pot.

Big tobacco isn't fighting legalization, like the Right Wing Nut Jobs would have you believe. The makers of Marlboro already have packaging mocked up for pot cigarettes. The new Bob Marley brand is meant to go national, and the business model is set up to go as big as national legal recreational use. Big tobacco wants a piece of the pie. And they will likely hold out until financial laws catch up with the business. You can't sell pot and keep the money in the bank. These dispensaries work on cash-only models, including payroll. That puts a lot of people into danger, and it isn't a liability a major tobacco company would take a gamble on. So when financial legislation catches up to the business, you can expect big tobacco to step in.

Of all the things I have seen this year that have made me say, "Wow, I never thought I'd see that," this is the one positive thing.

This year has been a fuck off. I don't think there is anything I will remember fondly from this year. It didn't even have to happen. I stayed out of the hospital. There's a positive. Came close a couple of times, but never made it that low. I was able to keep my eye on the ball. Who will wake Doc up? Who would take care of the cats? Who would run my ebay seller's account? And these things kept me home to tough it out. And I did.

We did get a lot of cool furniture this year. Got a great bed, couch and comfy chair, a couple of book shelves and a dresser. And I got a rug for my studio. Haven't laid it down yet, but I got the rug.

And the victorian xmas ornaments. can't forget those.

I stopped drinking soda this year, but that has more to do with the disintegration of one of my molars than willpower. Doc won't bring me soda anymore.

My weight stayed the same. My hair grew about 6 inches. I can tell because it's been about a year since I beached my roots and they are about 6 inches long. I gave up on shaving this year. I don't wear shorts or tank tops, so it really doesn't matter. I also morphed into an asexual person.

Hmmm, NCIS: NOLA is't on tonight, they are playing a very unxmasy NCIS: LA. Do they think my devotion is a plaything?

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