Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

No, Really, I Mean It

The tree will be decorated by Xmas day. Probably sooner. I've worked out the electrical map of how the lights must go to keep everyone on and not shorting out (did you know that all holiday lights are, by default, designed to short out if more than three strands are connected with each other, I could have save a lot of time/money/abject frustration if I knew that in my 20's) or setting fire to the tree.

I found a box over in the garage next to the Xmas stuff (no, none of it is labeled yet). And so I brought it in and started going through it this morning, and after a bit of packing stuff and plastic bags that once held dog-knows-what, I found a gorgeous collection of vintage (40's-50's era) Victorian style silk/satin ornaments. A whole slew of them. So we're doing a Victorian tree this year. Balls, and ornate Victorian ornaments with ribbon and some gold tinsel icicles. Having found a theme, I am very excited about it. I guess that was one of the misfit boxes we got from the nice garage sale couple over on the next block that I bought my futon from. That's the only place I can think of them coming from.

I got a package from my surrogate family today. Eat n Park Cookies and lots of peanut butter filled chocolate santas from Mom. And fuzzy slippers with rubber soles so I can wear them outside when I go out to smoke. And chocolates. And dog and cat toys. And an inflatable Santa, that I'm tempted to hang upside down from the tree outside. And paint-it-yourself ornaments with little plastic pots of paint and a wee paintbrush. Essentially, Kelli lives down the street from the coolest dollar store in the country. And since she knows me better than anyone, she always gets me great things on the cheap. Oh, and a strand of green led lights that are shaped like tiny pine trees. Can't forget those.

Speaking of lights, I have to put the lights on the middle of the tree. that's the only thing now stopping me from decorating it and being done with it.

Boomer is laying next to me. She's been on the couch, with and without me, all day so far. She's getting used to the other cats slowly, but steadily.

Doc got eggs so I guess I'm baking cookies. And making myself deviled eggs for Xmas. We've been stocking up on munchie food and plan to just graze and drink through our day. Doc, wonder of wonders, has the day off. Actually, I'd rather he was working, because his overtime is insane, but it will be nice to spend the day together.

Egg nog, that's what I keep forgetting to tell him. But can I trust him after the Pumpkin Spice egg nog earlier this season? I really have no choice.

I have no incentive to make cookies now. Mom sent me giant sugar cookies, frosted, of course. I could be happy with those. But is it a holiday without snickerdoodles? I think not. And how about chocolate chip oatmeal cinnamon cookies? Or M&M cookies? These must be made as tribute to the holiday nymphs that keep the nightmares at bay during this forced festive time.

Where the fuck did that come from? If I ever snap, and law enforcement looks at my journals, they will have no choice but to call me crazy. Or "very disturbed", as they are calling us, nowadays.

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