Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Have a good night

Beautiful friday. I have to try not to type to hard. Doc says, when I really get going fast, I hit the keys really hard and it's loud. It's woken him up before. So, shhhh.

Have I mentioned that Chewy has figured out how small he is? I think it was Vader and then Simon beating the crap out of him that finally drilled it into his head. He has discovered he can get up on things. Like the backs of couches, where he has a better view of things. Or, say, like the Feeding cabinet. It's about three inches lower than your average counter-top. He can jump up onto it from the floor. I caught him doing it one day when I was walking into the kitchen, or I wouldn't have believed he could do it. Little fucker hopped right on up there and started munching on cat food. And they have an infinity feeder. They eat all of his food, so he was just getting revenge.

LeLu will not stay of the counter. She stays in the corner between the sinks and the gas range. We keep the coffee maker, so it's usually warm right there. You can put her down (gently, her joints hurt her all the time) a hundred times, and she jumps back up as soon as you turn your head. When I go into the kitchen when it's too cold outside, under the powerful fan that sucks the smoke right out a hole in the roof, I sit on a tall barstool and it is a pain in the ass to keep getting down, putting the cat down and then climbing back up on the barstool (I'm 5'7" and most of it is torso, short legs), and getting comfortable again. So I brought the water gun in with me tonight and sprayed her. that resulted in LeLu hunkering down in the empty sink so I couldn't hit her in the face, she doesn't care if it hits her anywhere else. So there we were, at a rather Mexican (I'll use that metaphor because of my neighborhood) Standoff. Me perched indian style on the barstool, her flattened against the bottom of the sink that I had just cleaned out.

Yeah, so, I got down and took her into Doc and said, "Take this before I stew it," and he replied with, "Don't give it to me, I've lost all patience". So, you know, he was real helpful. As I write this, she is up on the counter, on top of my coffee spoon in front of the coffee maker. At least I moved the plate she was laying on.

Oh my, I'm listening to Def Leppard. This night has certainly taken a strange turn. I think I'm going to make some toast. Have a good night.

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