Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I have, at this point, muted the television.

I have found one convincing argument against having 10 animals. Evening Feeding Time. Or, When Meowssad Turns on Me.

The kitchen is big and open, we're thinking of putting an island in the middle of it, and can accommodate all the animals (and, incidentally, quite a few smurfs) at one time. Simon gets special food, usually soft food or, if I'm out of it, Pro Plan dry food. LeLu gets soft food with cosequine in it, but Boomer now guards her while she eats, keeping Felix and Major away, so she gets a few bites when LeLu is done. Then LeLu eats Chewy's kibble. Teeny, Major, Felix all eat Chewy's kibble. Chewy occasionally gets up on the cat feeding cabinet and takes his revenge from their bowl.

It's just all a big, meowing, swarming mass of NEED. It drives me to the edge every day. I've tried t find a cost-effective way to simplify it, but LeLu needs the cosequin and that requires wet food or pilling her. The capsule is meant to be emptied into food, so it is really too big to pill her. It will get caught in her throat until it dissolves, unpleasantness I can't imagine putting her through. Simon really doesn't need the soft food, he's made it clear that he is willing to eat the dry food, and the wet food is just about the attention he gets while I'm trying to get him to eat. Meanwhile, he's playing these games with me, and I'm petting him and begging him to eat and he's getting a little pot belly.

Of the 9 cats, only about 5 would eat soft food every night, I'd like to get back to giving them that.

Small children's toys have started appearing on our patio. A child's plastic jeweled ring, a boot from what may have been a pirate doll. And I wonder, are the cats bringing these things home because there is nothing awake or around to kill and leave for us? They are the right size to be carried in the cat's mouths . . . this is just so strange. I've heard of this sort of thing. Cats turning to a life of crime, and what did I expect when I assembled Meowssad?

All of the doors are shut in the hallway, so Major is taking advantage of the echo and singing us ancient Venetian High Holiday Hymns. He is, after all, a castrato, so he should have a bit of an advantage, but he was made too late, he has too much of the mancat in his meow. He is discouraged because he cannot reach the high notes. Teeny can, and she taunts him with it. And here is Boomer's melodic and dramatic growl to keep the music anchored to the earth. I have, at this point, muted the television.

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