Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Good night.

I guess Wednesday night, Chewy and I will take a late walk and take pictures of all the Xmas lights around the neighborhood. Some people really rocked it out this year. We're not decorating the outside. But I am putting the big black Xmas tree up I got last year. And all of my lovely vintage ornaments, including my Gold Lame attired Elf Before the Shelf. My Disco Elf. I'm finally pretty excited about it. I'm just not going to let the unrest in the country spoil my holiday. And I know that is selfish and privileged, but I don't care. Not about this.

Chewy and I went on the long walk today. It took forever because he wouldn't do his obedience training at the curbs to cross the street. It's really simple: walk to the curb where he wants to cross, and sit down and wait for the command to cross. He just wouldn't sit. He was too excited. So we had to stand there and chill out and go through the whole procedure a few times until, "on your butt" got the desired action. That, and he wanted to pee on Everything.

Then we came home and he chased Felix around the yard for a while. Then he came in and passed out and has been like that most of the evening. He will be super cuddly tonight when we go to bed. Last night, I didn't put my arm around him or pet him and he scratched at my arm until I did.

Boomer is testing her limits. Getting near Felix is a no go. Felix hisses at everyone unless they have food.Otherwise she is climbing up on everything. A pillow I keep on the top shelf of my book shelf was on my bed the other day. so she got up there somehow. She's secretly a lemur. She likes me better than Doc, and won't come to him like she does to me. It hurts him, so I have been trying not to give her so much attention when he is around, and remind him to call to her randomly and search her out. That's how I got on her good side.

We got a ten day notice out of nowhere from the electric company (we just paid them last week) and then today got a regular bill. So I think they may have a new batch of interns. Or everyone's head is scrambled from the holidays.

OF course this year, butter prices are outlandish here. And so are egg prices. And those two things are the only thing I don't have to start my cookie making blitz. Xmas is for cookies. And I need to send Doc to Epic Thrift to pick up some cheap Xmas cookie tins so I can make my cookie and candy tins for gifts again this year. I'm not making DVDs for anyone this year. Just cookies and candy.

We still don't know what to get his parents. What do you get for the seniors who have all they need/want and don't really care to have any more? And they both like completely different things. And they don't like personalized things. And terrible things have happened to food items we have ordered for them in the past. This is frustrating. I hope Doc has some clue. Our search so far this year has included a Harry and David's catalog and everything Border Terrier related on We don't know what their dietary restrictions are, and they are many. And we don't know if they'll dig the grand-fur-child Border Terrier items.

I'm back on my proper meds today. Almost got a full amount of sleep. I woke up at 7 with a girly issue. And stayed up, freaking out because Doc wasn't home. He ended up working overtime and then going to the tool warehouse and picking himself up some Xmas presents. I was hardly awake when he showed them to me. I don't remember what they were. Stuff for the yard. I lay down from 10am to 11:30am when he called me to see what flavor cheese ball I wanted. He ended up getting me a swiss cheese ball and a cheddar cheese log. Festive.

I did the dishes. We have to clean them so thoroughly before we can wash them in the dishwasher, I find it's easier to wash them by hand and use the dishwasher as a drying rack. I filled it up today. And, the kitchen is clean. Then I did the litter boxes and changed the water and refilled the food for the cats and dog. Then came the stuffing of the cigarettes. I find it's easier to stay up all afternoon now. I can find enough things to keep myself busy. So unless I take a cat nap in the morning to sleep off the rest of the Seroquel, I don't sleep during the day anymore.

I'm still not arting. The paints and brushes and canvas boards Doc got me for Xmas last year are still sitting on the table in my studio. I need to get back to that. It's therapeutic..00


The above is Chewy's thoughts on things. Apparently he likes prime numbers. Well, at least one.

Oh the hell with it, I don't know why I'm still up. Good night.

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