Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

My Protest Story that Ends Before it Begins

This morning I got an invitation to a Ferguson Protest down on the Vegas Strip tonight. I figured it would take one bus ride and about a mile walk to the Fashion Show Mall, where it's going down. I asked Doc for bus fare. He said no. He said I couldn't go down there to protest. He couldn't go with me and he couldn't let me go alone. I was dissatisfied with this decision, and stomped around pouting for about an hour.

Finally, Doc said, "Let's ask your Doctor and see what he has to say about it". So we called my shrink, and he had a spare 15 minutes, so he took the call, and Doc put it on speaker. He explained the situation to my Doctor and expressed his concerns, high among them was the concern that if the protesters tried to block off the strip there would be no tear gas (tourists), just arrests. My Doctor immediately said, "Absolutely not." Because me in jail would most certainly set off a psychotic episode. So that's two no's.

I am devastated. I wanted to be a part of things. I guess I'll just keep disseminating information from here, as I have been doing. Piffle.

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