Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

A rant

My laptop just threw up all over me. I am covered in ones and zeros. Semagic, the LJ interface, actually stopped responding. In 15 years of using it, that has NEVER happened. And the media player was burping and farting along. I have no idea what happened.

I vacuumed my headphone cord up today. Completely panicked, but I retrieved the cord from the ravenous vacuum and the headphones still work. We're starting out the evening with Big Country's "Wonderland". I can't watch news because Darren Wilson is all over it, telling his side of the story, which I am not interested in, and refuse to watch. I am with Ferguson and the parents of Mike Brown.

I think I lost a friend on FB last night. White privilege out the ass . . . after a long diatribe by him showing his ignorance and unwillingness to see it, I just said, "Wow, sometimes I wonder what color kool aid you're drinking". He actually said he had no reason to believe that African American men are killed by police more than whites. I can't deal with that level of stupid. I told him he has a whole planet's worth of information at his fingertips, it's called Google. And saying, "I don't know", or "I haven't seen" is just broadcasting your own contentment with your ignorance and privilege.

Annonymous, the group, had the verdict of the Grand Jury a month ago. Of all the ACLU lawyers there, some have said they've seen documents saying the verdict came a month ago, they've just been holding on to it. I trust twitter a lot more than I trust the MSM. Twitter comes with annotations. Articles and press releases to back up what they say. Document dumps scanned in and posted. They are not bought and paid for by the self-interested billionaires. They are doing it in the spirit of revolution and full transparency. Their cause is the people who care enough to effect a change.

"Now I know how Joan of Arc felt" - Morrissey

I wanted to be in Ferguson last night, so, so badly. With the protesters. Not with the agitators. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd last night. Those were the people setting fires. Most of the fires were started in "corporate" owned stores. But one store that was looted and burned was a locally owned one. I have a picture of two Crips and a Blood, in colors, guarding that shop from further destruction. The protesters that have been out there for the last 108 days didn't want the town burned down, they wanted it shut down. For all we know, it was the KKK or police themselves that set the fires.

The first cop car fire was cause by a tear gas canister shot into the car "accidentally", where it caught the car on fire and set off all the excess ammo stored in it, hence, gunfire. it was just the ammo in the car going off. but the police had the panic and rage that they wanted. they wanted to prove that the people of Ferguson were animals, and to the RWNJs out there, they did just that.

And meanwhile, how many AAs have died at the hands of police in the last 108 days? There's too many to follow. In memory of my sister, a black girl in a world of White Privilege. She called the police on her 15th birthday because my dad was beating her up. While waiting for the police, my dad punched himself. When the police saw a black girl and an injured white man, they roughed her up and took her to jail. that was her 15th birthday. She would be dead months later. No one fought for her. My parents learned that they could use the police as a weapon against her. My parents are racist SOBs. In her name I will do everything I can to leave my own WP behind me.

I wish we could just round up the right wing and put them in institutions so they can't hurt anyone or themselves. they are a curse on this country. they do nothing positive for society. they do not grow, they do not learn, they do not evolve. They poison their children with lies and threats of hell. they perpetuate centuries of untruths and racism. They have no logic, no goals, just to go on aimlessly spreading their hate and objections to every common sense thing that comes along.

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