Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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pets and stuff

Major is in the hallway howling. Name your diety here only knows why. Okay, Teeny is on the quilt, and Major wants to be on the quilt and for some reason will not cuddle up with Teeny. Apparently he prefers the drama. Okay, got Major settled on the Nice couch at one end with Freddie at the other end. Bagira is in Teeny's chair, which explains why she is on the quilt. LeLu is curled up asleep on the counter in front of the coffee maker with a plate as her pillow. Now the dog is wining at me. He's gotten much more vocal the past three weeks or so. Oh, he has no place to lay. He won't lay in between the two cats on the couch with plenty of room for him, he wants to be next to me. So now he is and he's all curled up like one of the cats.

I actually used one of Doc's man combs to comb out my hair tonight and wash it. They are coming to open the door tomorrow, but I couldn't take it anymore. I had straightened it, so it wasn't that bad. But now it's all curly again. Argh. No problem, Cyd. I'll be able to get into my bathroom and get to my straightener tomorrow.

I've had to divide up my Xanax so that I am on a constant low dose of it. Been having too many panic attacks triggered by nothing at all that I am aware of.

So I discovered (finally) reddit. Specifically r/exmormon. I have a million questions for these people. From the trivial to the most significant questions of faith's lasting damage on the psyche. It's fascinating to read all of these disparate opinions from people who were all raised the same way. We were all raised in the same cult. And we've all turned out to be such different people.

I'm reading a paper that debunks several of the myths of Joseph Smith and his first followers and "scriptures". So, um, I'm going to go do that for a while.

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