Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Little bump

One of my tweets got 15 seconds of fame today! See, last night on @midnight on Comedy Central, the Hashtag Wars segment of the game was "Scary Stories in 5 Words". I played last night and didn't come up with anything really good. This morning when I got up, the hashtag was still trending so I went to write "I can't find the lizard" because, well, lizard loose in the house. At the last secon I changed "lizard" to "spider". So the tweet was "I can't find the spider". It nearly went viral.

Then, Doc and I were watching Joy Reid's show on MSNBC and she has a short segment called "We the Tweeple" where she picks random tweets to read. Today she picked scary tweets and the first one she put up on the screen was, "I can't find the spider". How cool is that? It's still getting retweeted and passed around. I tweeted thanking her for my morning pick-me-up. Twitter can be a force for good, people, I'm telling you.

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