Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

I just wont lick anyone.

Lordy am I having fun on twitter. I somehow got the republican douchenozzle Todd Kincannon to follow me on the old tweeter. I don't know how long it will last with my left wing propaganda machine brain, but I keep sending him deceptively sarcastic tweets. I'd love to talk to him in private, without the audience and the rethuglican bravado. when he avoides dick and bukkake jokes, he actually has perfectly valid (in his world) values. They are twisted, but they are values, and I think he's man enough to be open to someone with different values, but again, values. Deeply held on both sides, no one trying to convince the other who is right or wrong, just two people talking. I'd like to hear about his boyhood. I don't know what it is, but I'm fascinated with his mind. Twitter, go figure.

So, it's gotten chilly enough for Chewy to have to wear his sweater on his morning walks and for part of the morning. He's so cute in it, but I can't pet him, it covers him and I can't feel his fur. I don't like it. I always take the sweater off before he and I take our nap.

Doc drained Vader's leg again. That was a couple of days ago. It's no longer swollen and has scabbed over. The hair around it will fall out soon as it heals. The bone seems perfectly set. I trusted Doc to know what he was doing, and he did. Vader has no limp at all. Nor is he limited to the ground. I was doing the dishes yesterday and he jumped off the roof onto the top of the cab of the big-ass truck. He scared the shit out of me. So he's notpermanently damaged.

Simon's face has healed and the fur grown back. a bit darker than the other side, it makes him look like he's squinting with one eye. But his breath is good, no more sign of infection. He won't eat crunchy food. So we've been feeding him cheap-ish canned food. and this week he started to get picky about it because LeLu gets Friskies. I don't know, they're cats. I have one friend, and she lives across the freakin' country, and Doc. And then there's this menagerie of animals (let's not forget the lizard that got set free in here) around me. I get involved. And I am crazy. So I could be considered a Crazy Cat Lady . . . Well, not lady, as every Latino man I have ever walked by has called me Puta. So, Loco Gato Puta.

I'm in a spectacular mood tonight. I talked to Kelli for two hours today. She sent me a box of decorations and chocolate. Someday I will be hungry for it.

Felix is meowing at me to lay down and sleep, but I'm staying up to watch the Daily Show and Colbert. I think I'll be openning another gatorade. I am still in the clutches of the Ferret Flu. Doc has it now, so it's airborne. Not just passed through the cell phone as Kelli and I originally surmised. Right. So maybe i should interact with humans other than Doc more than once every five years and build jmy immunity to things up. I'm definitely not going to lick a Liberian. Or is it Librarian? Or Libertarian? I just won't lick anyone.

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