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  • Thu, 07:50: Which political party is more likely to land me in the passenger seat of a Bugatti Veyron?The important questions must be addressed.#VoteDem
  • Thu, 08:22: Watching #GovChristie, I can only surmise that #NJ has "Battered Women Syndrome" or "#StockholmSyndrome". They eat up his nastiness.
  • Thu, 08:26: It's just occurred to me that my politically populated TL is going to be like a desert after Tuesday. No more urging to vote. No more ads.
  • Thu, 10:09: Despite being weakened by the Ferret Flu, I was a good house wifey today and cleaned the house. If you need me, I'll be in a cold med coma.
  • Thu, 10:12: RT @rezaaslan: Israel recalls Sweden ambassador in protest of Palestine recognition. At this rate there'll be no more left to recall http:/…
  • Thu, 10:14: RT @IAM_SHAKESPEARE: REIGNIER. Let's raise the siege. Why live we idly here?
  • Thu, 10:22: Bobby Jindal warns scientists stay away from LA regarding #Ebola. Do you think we could move New Orleans to another state?Jindal not worthy.
  • Thu, 11:02: I'm now waiting for the #Pope to whip out the full #AnneRice "Memnoch the Devil" mythology on us all for Xmas. #evolution #creation
  • Thu, 11:15: Essay Idea - Living as an adult in a conservatorship. #mentalillness I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading it.
  • Thu, 11:23: RT @RonHall46: Too many guns? or Too little Mental Healthcare? Either way: #GOP Built that! #KeepCalmVoteDem #UniteBlue #LibCrib http://…
  • Thu, 11:33: UIJKLP-;'[] \4/583. -- Chewy Tweet, obviously communicating with the mothership.
  • Thu, 11:53: Do you walk on the furniture when the floor is covered with snakes, or is that just me?
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