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  • Fri, 19:33: RT @slackadjuster: Disgusting ! F%^#K THE @NRA RT @kharyp: There's been 87 school shootings since #Newtown. We need #GunSense.
  • Fri, 21:29: RT @wilw: If you talk like a hate group, and harass women like a hate group, you’re probably a hate group, children.
  • Fri, 22:27: RT @carolynmichelle: It is not "man-hating" to want to examine & challenge the ways in which violent masculinity limits and harms men & boy…
  • Fri, 22:31: RT @Marmel: President Barack Obama hugs an Ebola survivor as I remember how Reagan reacted to AIDS. This president wins.
  • Sat, 08:46: @ProudGrayback If "Libturds" will be blocked, what in the meaning of shiny are you doing following me?
  • Sat, 09:09: RT @allenpeacock: Let us not forget Joe the Plumber's wise words in these trying times. "Your dead kids don't trump my constitutional righ…
  • Sat, 09:13: RT @Picassokat: Following @SenTedCruz's argument that PBO is responsible for 3 cases of Ebola to its logical conclusion, Ron Reagan is resp…
  • Sat, 09:15: RT @akacharleswade: Trolls, you give us more reason to fight. Keep it up. You're not discouraging anyone. You're encouraging our efforts. T…
  • Sat, 09:19: RT @Gawiesnr: No protests as Iran hangs a woman for stabbing her rapist to death, but Woolworths is in trouble for selling Israeli tamotoes!
  • Sat, 09:23: RT @Gray_is_good: The hallmark of a neoconservative troll? They label facts as ”talking points” before they skulk off to propagandize elsew…
  • Sat, 09:40: #GamerGate simply sheds light on the hated backed male power tripping inherent in our culture. Bullying is as far as they can think.
  • Sat, 10:20: Query: rabid #gun enthusiasts will say they need their guns for home protection. So . . . what are they doing marching around with them?
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