Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Oi, you there!

Chewy knows another command! "Chomp" - it means "Chew on my hand while I scratch your chest and neck". We just played Chomp for a little while. He's not been himself the last day or so. He's been avoiding me and sulking and coughing a lot. He's stopped coughing today and is a bit more snuggly with me, but he still won't run around outside. Right now he's crawling into the empty laundry bag on Doc's couch. Oy.

I think I've about run out of shit to clean. I could work in the studio, but I want to do that with Doc because lifting and tools. Many tools have made homes in my studio. That's one whole table. The other is my art stuff, spread out. That's the other table. We can each take a table. Then we have a tall wooden shelf and a tall baker's rack to set up and situate. And a dresser and black shelf that need to come into the house.

I'm listening to Songs of Innocence on my laptop speakers because I won't wear my headphones when Doc isn't home, and I'm too lazy to hook up the speakers right there on the coffee table next to my drinks. (I'd tweet that, but it's too long.) Two of the songs on the Deluxe version of the album are complete throwbacks to the 80's. In one case, moreso than they ever really were. If you heard it, you'd get my meaning. It's very synth and rhymy whymy. Then there are the acoustic versions of several of the songs on the regular album that are raw and infectious. There are delicious lines like, "Every dog on the street knows we're in love with defeat". I can't get enough of it.

Oh my! CNN stopped talking about Ebola for a few minutes. OH, they managed to tie the hatchet attack to "terrorism". So Canada's not the only special one anymore. See, we have them, too. Shit. Anything to get the election to go republican. They are going to beat everything to death to scare the bejeesus out of you, and somehow convince you that only they can fix it? While they're on vacation? I don't get it.

Last night I inadvertently locked Major in the spare room in the dark. It took me a couple of hours to miss him. I went in and looked for him and called him but he didn't answer. So I turned out the light and shut the door again. About ten minutes later I was going into my bathroom to blow my nose and I hear him howling from behind the spare room door. I opened the door and he was afraid to come out, like he didn't know if he'd been transported somewhere else. He was really freaky and vocal and clingy for about an hour after that. Poor Major MauMau.

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