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Yesterday was a three gold star day for hygiene. I showered and scrubbed, washed my hair and straightened it when it dried. Even changed my clothes. I'm trying to make myself feel better, since I'm not going to get the help I need from my meds until mid-November. I took Chewy for a walk today. I read an article about squishing your dog's spirit and the top thing was meaningful exersise, preferably together. So for the good of both of us I vow to walk him every day. Then when we got home, he ran circles around the yard at high speed for about 15 minutes until he had completely worn himself out.

Guess what I'm listening to? Nope. I'm watching Scorpion on CBS. I love this show.

Mental health check-in. Hallucinations, both visual and auditory are just flashes and whispers now that I'm back on the Seroquel. And thanks to the Topomax, I'm not gaining any weight this time. I have to take half of my Topamax script, because the full dose makes me a raging/speeding/lunatic/bitch. And Doc and I decided we don't like that me.

Talking to Kelli is so funny. I tell her an anecdote or factoid about something in the news and she always says, "Jesus, who cares?" She can't fathom the motive behind the Ferguson protesters, and after talking to her, I agree. They aren't going to change anything by protesting, the days of that being effective are relegated to history. And if there are riots, if Darren Wilson is not punished? It's just going to be their own neighborhoods they'll be fucking up. I support their choice to use their first amendment freedoms, I just don't see the point. Maybe if Beyonce and JayZ and Oprah showed up.

And the whole Ebola thing we just laugh at. We lived through AIDS, baby. Our best friend, Jeff, was a hemophiliac and got the virus through a blood transfusion because the GOP God Reagan wouldn't do anything about stopping the spread of it through blood transfusions. I think he died of liver failure from all the fucking drugs they had him on over the years. So, Obama jumping right on this Ebola thing and agencies actually changing their dialog and training processes and improving on what became to be seen as an imperfect system is cool with us. Lesson learned. Meanwhile, the important thing, stopping it at its source, in West Africa, is what needs to be on the news 24/7 now for a few days. Some big names need to get behind that. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bono, the biggies. Because Ebola is not the last that West Africa has lurking and waiting for the right circumstances. And there's really no way with a foreign threat that any one is actually going to talk about the real threats, like the flu (which can be vaccinated against and completely avoided), or gun deaths (which could be drastically reduced without taking any lawful gun owner's guns), or the weird mid-western enterovirus.

Even though the elections here are mainly for judges and state positions, I made sure that Doc and I were registered. I am simply voting blue, because I have been searching for a year (right wing rags and left wing rags) and I can find no redeeming qualities in the GOP. I can find no one thing or part of a thing upon which we agree. I think Common Core math is too bloody complicated, but that's for me. Imagine a generation of people who can think things out like that, it would be amazing. I support Bill and Melinda Gates' decision to put so much money behind it. I think it raises standards. But a lot of people are going to be looking at their kid's maths homework and thinking, "what the fuck?"

Time to switch from coffee to Gatorade. Someone tell me it's just as bad for me as soda. Please, ruin it utterly for me.

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