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  • Sat, 18:43: RT @gurmpycatz: They're = They fucking are. Their = Shows fucking possession. There = Specifies a fucking location.
  • Sat, 21:10: That pisses me off, why would someone want to impersonate me? What is the point of hacking a facebook account I don't even use? #JustStupid.
  • Sun, 10:26: RT @RonLPitts: White privilege is being able to riot when they run out of Pumpkin Spice Lattes & have it laughed off as just rowdy drunk ki…
  • Sun, 10:30: I'm not a govt. scholar, but isn't there some judge, some thing that can legally gag the #Republicans in power? They're Damaged. #tcot
  • Sun, 10:34: Dear @SenTedCruz, Can you please, for the love of all that's shiny, get a damn grip? You're playing with people's lives. Not a game, guy.
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