Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Some of the constipation commercials recently are just plain disturbing.

I have dubbed this the "Nightmare Couch". Major, Chewy and I are all having problems with nightmares while sleeping on this couch. i need to burn some sage or hang a dream catcher or something. we're cursed. Felix seems unbothered by it.

I read Chewy's new clicker training book and I have questions. There are things he already knows voice commands to, but isn't always compliant in, like when he's excited. so I'm going to surf the boards mentioned in the book tonight and see if i can get answers to these questions so i can start with him. and I found out there is a comprehensive DVD set on how to clicker train a service dog. So I'm going to save up for that if this clicker thing works with Chewy like I think it will.

I'm going to make him two t-shirts. One that says, "Please pet me, I'm training to be a service dog." and one that says, "Please pet me, I forgot how to dog." for more fun events. As long as it gets him attention so he gets used to it. Doc has been really good about taking him to the dog park in the mornings and setting him free with other dogs of all sizes and letting Chewy fend for himself. He's getting sniffed a lot. He is slowly getting used to other dogs being around.

I wonder if we can go to First Friday this month. That would be great for Chewy.

So here's my daily schedule, as it is now: I get up around 6 and vacuum. Doc gets home at 6:30-7. He messes around with the dog and breakfast until 8 and then wants the computer. I stay up watching news until 11 or noon and then go to sleep until 4. Then I get up and get ready to send Doc off to work. After he leaves at 9-ish, I stay up for a little while and then go to bed. I sleep a lot. I do my chores and take care of the house when I'm awake, I'm just not awake that much.

Wow, that hospital in Texas really fucked up. Releasing that Ebola patient. It's my bet that he had no insurance and they just shuffled him through the system and out the door. I just hope we're not calling him Patient Zero in a month. I thought we'd do better, after the whole AIDS thing, I thought the medical community would have learned something.

The woman on CNN is suggesting we shut down all flights from Ebola affected areas. Stupid bitch. Okay, the guy she's interviewing is now scoffing at her ignorant questions. Too bad Chris Matthews is on MSNBC right now. I can't stand being yelled at. CNN is sounding more like Fox every day. Sometimes the only difference is that the CNN anchors are brunettes and the Fox anchors are blondes. She wants to kknow if the CDC can tell the exact moment the virus goes from being dormant in a person to contagious. That's just the stupidest question I've ever heard. It's a virus, not a computer program.

Whatever, support our troops in the War on Ebola. 3000 of our people working over in West Africa, and I fear to say they won't all come home. They are just as heroic, if not moreso than the troops in Iraq right now.

Some of the constipation commercials recently are just plain disturbing.

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