Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


Simon is all better. As a sign of this, there are pieces of him all over the house. I can barely keep up with him, picking them up. He is grooming out his mattes. the one side of him is almost completely furless. He's been spending a lot of time outside. And even though his mouth is better, he's milking the soft food, so I'm going to keep feeding him that. He's gaining weight on it, so, why not?

The dog food we were buying for Chewy has been discontinued, so we got him Kibbles and Bits. They fail to warn you that it is irresistible to cats. They ate a whole bowl of it the first day. now I go in and check on it and make sure they aren't into it.

I decided to wait to get a new cat until Evie has had time to reincarnate. Better my odds of finding her again. We found Chloe in Freddie. It might sound silly, I don't believe in human afterlife, but I cling to my belief in animal afterlife.

I need to work on my book today. I'm really wanting to paint, but I have to get the pages cut first. Doc brought me a big portable easel. My paints and crayons are calling to me.

Doc bought me a frame to put a picture of Evie up on the shrine. Her purple collar is up there. I'll go through my photos today and find one of her that i love. September 16th, 2014 is when we lost her. She is not in pain anymore, and didn't suffer long. She was home and loved when she passed. And we loved the shit out of her while she was with us.

Chewy has stopped looking for her so much and started kissing up to Bagira. For his part, Bagira isn't against it, but isn't as affectionate as Evie was. Chewy still has Teeny. And he's been playing with her a lot. And Freddie. He and Teeny have figured out that Freddie plays hard and fierce and loud, but she plays. So they gang up on her now. And she valiantly fights them both off and conquers the highest spot on the cat tree.

I am unhappy that we are at war again. The "nut job" in my left wing is going to really come out on Twitter. I blame everyone in Washington for this. Everyone for the past 40 years. Okay, maybe 30 years. I hate Bush and Cheney for creating and arming this Islamic State group and letting it fester for the next guy to deal with. Ugh.

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