Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and he has again this time.

I'm testing my emotions with my playlist. Reaction to "Black" by Pearl Jam = nothing. That's it. I am officially dead inside. I just don't fucking care.

I woke up to an international meeting on ISIS on CSPAN. you know what? fuck it. This is the start of WWIII. fuck congress for leaving their responsibility and treating this country like a board game. that's what it is to them. This is what humanity is and aren't we liberals so cute for thinking that we can make a difference? look at us marching and gathering and yelling. how precious. We still delude ourselves that this is a democracy. We're just lucky it isn't worse.

I think i need to refresh my coffee. maybe go outside for a cigarette. oh, another test from the playlist, Fleetwood Mac's "Beautiful Child". When I come back in, I'm going to listen to my newly acquired U2 album and see what Bono is calling punk rock. Im prepared to love it simply because the world hates it. Yeah, this song is doing nothing to me. I'm gone, baby, gone.

The "Life is Beautiful" festival is in October and I wasn't really interested in going, until I found out Pussy Riot is going to be there. I don't know which of the three days, or how much tickets are yet or anything, but I MUST see Pussy Riot. I'll take Chewy and his collar cam. Hell, I may wear the collar cam.

Okay, I'm four songs into the new U2. The music is comforting, and two of the songs have spoken strongly to me. I'm going to pronounce it now, though it may be premature, I love this album. Not all equally, but I like it a lot more as a whole than I have anything since Zooropa, that was just a disaster. Bono is right on vocally . . . hell, they are all brilliant. I want to see the next tour, I will just stand there and cry in happiness hearing these songs live. Once again, Bono has given me just what I needed, just when I needed it. My "big brother", since 1981 hasn't always come through for me, but he has more than he hasn't. and he has again this time.

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