Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

No good news

So . . . there is a good chance that Evie is dying. two days ago, she was in the yard, howling in pain. I went to go get her and she went over the wall. And she didn't come home that night. The next morning i was inconsolable, doc tried to reassure me, to no avail. She didn't come home that night, either. and doc kept trying to tell me that she probably went to her other family and they were taking care of her. it didn't help. this morning, while he was walking the dog, whom Evie adores, he checked the yards behind us for Evie. He found her laying in the middle of a wet lawn and picked her up when she wouldn't come to him.

He carried her all the way home, and she didn't resist at all. That is not Evie, she does not like being carried. He got her home to me and we set her up in my bathroom. She has had a little water, but threw it up. She won't eat. She can't stand up, she's too weak. I've seen this before, she is dying. and even if we could take her to the vet, she's too far gone. I have only seen this ravaging this quick once, Feline Lukemia. Which pretty much means that the rest of the cats are carriers. We tried to be so careful and get them all their shots.

I have numbed myself. I tried to feel about it earlier, and I almost cracked. So I have stuffed my emotions about it away.

The scooter is fixed for now. Doc was able to fix it. He needs B to install the part he just got, though. And B isn't replying to him. Pain in the ass.

I have to go wake doc up for work.

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