Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time for nap.

seaivy, your juju worked! I can't believe I'm saying this, but you give me a shred of faith. We're talking miracles here in this house. Simon's abscess broke open and drained completely last night, taking away the swelling and opening his eye back up, and there seems to be no loss of vision! And I woke up this morning with no jaw/tooth pain! I've even eaten and had hot coffee and nothing, no pain. You are one powerful wise woman.

I've been working on my smash book all day. printing out mental illness quotes and such to add to it. reading polymer clay tutorials so i can make the cover the way i want it. picking out the papers for it.

i think i'm going to take a nap. i'm not feeling quite right. sometimes the seroquel seems to last all day. and it keeps me a bit woozy. why i don't drive. no operating heavy machinery on the meds i take. it's been like that for ten years. i've just pretty much resigned myself to never driving again. that would be easier if i weren't so terrified of public transport.

yeah, nap time. then when I get up, i will clean the kitchen so i can make more brownies. I don't know what it is with brownies right now, but I'm craving them. and i keep finding boxes of brownie mix stashed in cupboards. Our food cupboards are far from organized. there is a loose idea of where things should go, but sometimes things go where ever. For instance, there is canned frosting in the glasses cupboard. I don't know why. There are pop tarts in three cupboards. When the peanut butter/chocolate came out, for some reason the local dollar store got in cases of 12 packs of them. doc bought about a half a case for me, so we have them stashed everywhere.

The theme of my smashbook is going to be "The Dark Place in the Forest Where Not Even the Witches Go". that's what Kelli and I call "episodes". I have an idea for a scary looking tree made out of polymer clay and painted with acrylics on the cover. That's a far more adventurous thing than I have ever tried with polymer clay, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

I'm falling asleep sitting up. time for nap.

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