Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Not cool, Cydniey.

Doc just brought me lunch and now he's out getting me more supplies. I have all the other ephemera gathered and ready to work with. Fancy papers and ribbon and clippings and stamps and stencils and texture scissors and bubble wrap and all manner of things. I think there is an old sponge in the kitchen I can repurpose for painting. I may just follow seaivy's advice and take the enterprise out on the patio. there is plenty of room to spread out and the light is excellent.

I have one art journal and one altered book going. I'm going to start two smash books. One on paint chips, and one on assorted papers. I have all this scrap paper I want to use up and this is the perfect project for it. Pinterest has been invaluable in this process. I think I'll make polymer clay embellishments for the cover of my smashbook and paint them and the cover the same color, then sponge on a contrasting color. I'm looking at a similar one, on sale for $73, and I scoff at that. It can be done so easily.

If you're on Pinterest, look me up. If you're interested in what I've been looking at, search, "smash book", "art journal", and "art journal covers". I've pretty much seen every smash book image on the web. i've watched countless tutorials and learned many techniques that i will use all together.

Cats are $15 to adopt this weekend and we discussed it. Giving Bagira back to B and J and bringing a new cat home. But I talked to Bagira about it and I got the distinct vibe from him that he didn't want to go back to them. He liked Jodie well enough, but didn't like R and B harassed him all the time. He has a comfortable life here where no one bugs him and he gets regular love. He is happy here. I can't take him away from that. Not even for a calico kitten.

Simon's eye is swollen shut. His face is half distorted. He's eating two cans of food a day and gaining weight. He is himself, he's not letting this get him down. I'm very close to calling the vet and explaining that we do not have the money for the visit, but we fear for his vision, is there any thing we can do for him at home?

After a nap . . .

My head is definitely clearer now.

You know, I really love our home. It is comfortable and eclectic. Everywhere you look, there is something to look at. And it's not stuffy and everything has to be just so, like my mom's house was. Doc's house growing up wasn't like that, so he's not like that, and my innate laziness let's him keep things cluttered to a point.

He curb-picked me a new dresser. I needed one in the worst way. Then he found these grecian urn style plastic planters up the street being discarded. a set of ten. I said hey, we can spray paint them, but what color? and he suggested the grey of the cinder block walls. I looked out at the walls and noticed they were darker than the concrete of the patio and how nicely the colors complimented each other and enthusiastically agreed with him. He was surprised, he expected me to shoot that one down. Nope, I like that idea.

I'm neither angry or sad today. I've been slowly turning an old high school friend i don't remember over to the dark side of liberalism over on facespace. so my time on there isn't a complete waste. he used to be really combative with me until i straight up asked him why. he replied he didn't know and dropped the attitude. we've had really cool conversations since then and he's come to see my side of things.

And for Doc's sake, I am swearing off the trolls. They get me all worked up and apparently I take it out on him. Not cool, Cydniey.

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