Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i hate him right now

The Topomax is working as an appetite suppressant. I didn't sleep eat last night. I took one this morning and had to force myself to eat a pop tart. Then I got out a Milky Way bite, tiny little chocolate. Doc came down on me hard. Yelling at me about how smart did I think that was with my teeth and such shit until I spit it out in the sink. Then he declared me a drama queen. I couldn't eat it with him yelling at me, what the fuck was i supposed to do?

Then he started in with what I was going to eat in 16 hours. Duh, just took an appetite suppressant. Can't even think about food. Tried to tell him this, got called a bitch three times.

Then he comes outside and acts like nothing happened, fuck him. he can get his own self out of bed and off to work tonight. i'm tired of him calling me names. i don't call him names. and he knows "bitch" hurts me more than "cunt" or any other phrase.

It isn't like my teeth are going to grow back. I'm having them all pulled as soon as I can. A fucking chocolate is not going to do any harm. he won't let me drink soda, but has no problem with my drinking coffee full of sugar all day every day. how am i supposed to make sense and stay logical in this?

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