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Cydniey Buffers

This is too much to take.

I swear, a haboob just went through my back yard, made up of my back yard. the patio is covered with sand/dirt now.

I love my shrink. I'm so glad I went back to the old one, Dr. B. that new guy sucked. So my shrink put me back on Seroquel . . . and we discussed the "makes me fat" thing, which all of his Seroquel patients complain about. So he prescribed me another drug to suppress my appetite. Genius! Had they done that years ago, I would have stayed on Seroquel.

I was a proper basket case for my appointment, it took me half of it to stop rocking and get out of myself and into the situation. I woke up an hour before we had to leave, which means I slept in until 7. I was totally freaked out. I took my meds and started pushing the coffee. Then, after the appointment, we went out to Burger King and I had the best Croissandwich I've ever had. When I unwrapped it, it looked like the picture on the menu board. Points. The eggs were fluffy and perfectly barely cooked, the way I love them. Points. The bacon was crisp but not over cooked. Points. I got to have a small cola with it. Doc has cut me off from cola, so it was a treat.

Simon is better today. He's eating voraciously and drinking regularly. His tongue is back in his mouth, so the swelling is down. I talked to the vet's office today and was not able to get an estimate. But I did find out they will sedate him for an exam if nothing else works. But they had no problem with him being a recovering feral. I assured her he could be handled, he is a Ragdoll, after all. And he is the most cuddly, wonderful cat, but when it comes to looking at his mouth, he is homicidal. we should be able to take him in next week late.

While i was on my way to my shrink, I called my pharmacy company and asked about prices. Seroquel: $300 per month. Doc almost slammed on the brakes. Then the lady quoted me the generic price: $5 per month. Okay, tell me how the pharmaceutical companies aren't raping us. Tell me again how the health care system is for caring for people. $295 more for a fucking name. And a stupid one, at that. The mentally ill can't afford that shit any more than a cancer patient can afford their treatments. It's a disease of corruption. My doctor and I laughed about it, but not too hard. I've been shut out of medication I needed before because of price. Cymbalta comes to mind. It was the same as the Seroquel until the generic came out.

Doc usually has a cocktail or a beer before he goes to bed at 1:30pm for work. Today is his birthday and he overdid it and stayed up until 4pm. I don't think he's going to work tonight. Good. He should have his birthday off. He should have taken a vacation day. Trying to deny himself his birthday celebration, no matter how he chooses to celebrate it. If getting shit faced and listening to Morrissey is how he wants to celebrate, I support him all the way. At least he's listening to that and not some damn hippie shit.

I went to his youtube playlist and converted all the songs i like on it to mp3 to put on my USB play list. That way I can be surprised by the Chicken Bones song at any time. the Flvto Youtube converter is fabulous.

Doc's Kindle just freaked out and rebooted. Didn't know it could do that. It scared me because it took a few minutes for the library I have on it to load. At first it just showed two things on it. But then it loaded all titles and took me back to the place i was reading in Blood and Gold. I was scared I broke it. I'm very careful with it because it isn't mine. Though Doc says it's mine, too. But just like when I tell him the laptop is his, too, he doesn't quite believe it. He's still not comfortable with the term "ours".

I love living with my best friend. He's so cool. He just walked up to me while i was smoking in the kitchen yesterday, and rubbed my back and asked how I was doing. He's never done that before. He'll ask me how I am, but there's never the touching. We've never been into touching. Neither of us like to be touched. But I've learned that his touch is nice.

Simon is out of my room to be fed. We let him try with the dry food first. I can hear him growling at it, now. He prefers the dry food to the soft, so I don't want him to think he can't have dry food anymore.

Confession time: we figured out that Simon has had a mild form of this condition since we took him in. The bad breath he's always had, the growling at the food, these things should have clued us in and it didn't until things got serious. I feel so bad for Sai Sai, he's been in pain for at least the two years he's been with us. For all I know, the potential vet bill is what got him kicked out of his original home in the first place.

The Animal Foundation's $40 sale on pit bulls and chihuahuas worked. 59 pits adopted, 121 chis. I have to admit there was a pit I fell in love with on TV again. Her name was Hena. I checked, she got adopted. Doc was strong, he did not give in. I think he's holding out for Oso. I told him to go offer Oso's owner cash for him. See if that worked. If the family truly doesn't care about the dog, they will sell him out for some green. If it's meant to be, it will be. I want a german shepherd named Spike, Oso made me want that. Him and his big tongue and cuddly-ness. Doc brought him water the other day. Again, he was out in the heat of the day. Doc went for a walk, didn't take Chewy because it was too hot, with a bottle of water. When he got to Oso's, the dog was again locked out so doc went up to the fence and let Oso drink out of his water bottle.

It's hard not to be prejudiced when I see the way southern immigrants treat their pets. This one guy who used to come over used to brag about how many of his daughter's kittens he'd killed. He didn't come over much after that. Never while I was around. And of the three families in this neighborhood, one family's pitbulls swarm me and Chewy whenever we go for a walk and nip at Chewy. They are always out on the driveway, just waiting, and the family sits there and laughs and swears at us in spanish . . . Another family kicked out their dog and it got taken in by our next door neighbors, who are also animal people.

WAIT! Robin Williams is dead?!?!?!?!? WTF? No no no no no no no no no no no. I haven't read twitter today, I'm not up on the news, I didn't hear the story, just "Williams was 63". I must have heard wrong. I was just watching him on "The Crazy Ones". This is too much to take.

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