Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Kill Me Now

just put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. The tooth pain is back. I am never eating another hamburger. I had a burger for breakfast, and then lay down, I didn't sleep last night. I woke up an hour later in excruciating pain. I don't understand, I am still on the penicillin. I'm so glad I didn't take all my codeine. Right now it's a dull roar. I have to get this tooth out.

Simon is eating and drinking. He even went on an outing this morning in the back yard. But he looks awful. His chest and tail fur are all matted from the drool. He looks more miserable than I am.


Why does Abba make me so happy?

And so an era ends . . . the time of Chewy coming out with me onto the patio is over for now. He just found a way out of the other fence. So he is off roaming.

Chewy, cuddling his favorite blankie, which is also my blanket.

I need to get the new Reverend Horton Heat CD. What I've heard is brilliant.

My playlist is playing with my emotions tonight. Taking me up and down and around. Aside from my tooth, everything else is great. I finally got the sleep I missed last night. The pain was bad, but no competition for the Seroquel in putting me to sleep.

If Mike Ness' growling voice doesn't do something deep inside of you, I'm sorry, but we can't be friends. Mike is the lead singer of Social Distortion. If you've never, try "Don't Take Me for Granted", a recent one. It's rock and roll. But it's called punk. I'm listening to "Ring of Fire", any band that can do such justice to a Johnny Cash song gets a "yes" vote from me.

Listening to Madonna's "Frozen", followed by "Open Your Heart" is a mindfuck.

Then follow it with Dean Martin's "Mambo Italiano". My head may just explode. It's a good thing I never became the DJ I wanted to be. And not just because I would be out of a job right about now. Can you see me playing my fucked up play list on the radio for the general public? You guys are special, I know you can take the contradictions and ride the ride. That's why I share it with you. I'm very proud of my play list but I don't think just anyone could handle it.

we have to call J this weekend. She and B moved into a house near here, well, in the sketchy part of near here, and she is trying to turn it into a "real" home, like I have tried to do here. And even though J and I could never get it together to be friends, I feel her. So we need to call her and find out what else she needs for the house and see what we can get from the thrift store for a housewarming gift. She mentioned before about needing kitchen stuff. My experience will aid in finding quality items at the thrift store. Every one should have a well-stocked kitchen. If they need a couch, we'll get them one. Whatever they need. We have a budget for it. We've had money stashed away for this for a few months. B kept insisting they were going to Florida, but J insisted they were going to settle here. I guess she won that one.

We have to go back to bartering, so we need B for the scooter bike. Doc has maintained a friendship with him, but hasn't needed him for mechanic work. In the near future, he may. Okay, that all sounds very mercenary and self-interested . . . B won't deal with Doc without bribes. That's all there is too it. We'll be going over with the housewarming gift and a batch of hemp cookies for B. Then he will warm back up to doc and return his phone calls in a timely manner again. That's just the fact of it.

Could you listen to Ministry and Barry Manilow back to back? Then we could be friends.

Single? Secretly in love with my best friend Kelli? Like the movie "The Year of the Comet"? If you answered yes to these questions, I'd like to talk to you about relocating to Pittsburgh. BTW, she will kill me for this, so let's hope she's not reading my journal this week. If she is reading, it's for your own good.

I just got the crazy idea to recreate my play list on youtube. That would take hours to assemble, but it might be worth it. I have part of it on pinterest. But frankly, I got bored gathering and pinning the videos. I get bored easily. I have to be really stoned to get into a project like that. Then I can concentrate properly on it.

Will someone please tell me when there is a Super Quarter Moon? I'm trying to get a picture of the crescent moon, but it's just too small. Super Quarter moons happen, they just don't talk about it. Annoying, isn't it? Everything has to be full before it gets any fucking attention.

I don't know where that came from. We'll say it's the pain that caused it. I'm so glad doc is asleep because i don't think i could be nice to him right now.

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