Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

If you know of one of these sites, let me know, I'll try anything.

I looked up Simon's symptoms in the Merk manual, and he needs to go to the vet. *sigh* At least it wasn't a stroke. He likely has gum disease, or a fungal infection. Something that can easily be treated, but must be treated by the vet. So I will call tomorrow and get an estimate on sedation, examination and potential treatment and then talk to doc about it. I know he's saving up to get the truck fixed, because it is broken, and this will not endear Simon to him at all. Lordy.

I owe my shrink $90 before I can go back in next monday. I owe my dentist $60 before I can get my tooth out, and then will owe him more. I have no money. After I see my shrink I will need $100 for meds. And somehow I'm supposed to get the problem child to the vet. and they don't do payment arrangements, I tried that when Chloe died. I am so fucked.

I could go on one of those charity crowdsourcing site and post pictures and his story, but I don't know of any sites (i've just heard they exist), and I don't know that anyone would give, and that would break my heart. If you know of one of these sites, let me know, I'll try anything. Simon has a really interesting back story and I have some heart wrenching pictures of him. And I can take one of how he looks now, all matted with drool and his tongue hanging out. That would pull at heart strings.

I could sell some of my Tiggers on eBay. But they aren't worth a lot. There's just a lot of them.

The treatment and sedation would be under a thousand dollars. that seems an easy enough sum to raise. though i know it isn't. $5 is a hard sum to raise. but I could try.

Lelu plays Doc like a country fiddle. She will lick all the gravy out of her soft food when he feeds her, knowing that if she stops there, he will make her more gravy with water and give it to her, then, when she licks all of that out, he will give up and put the food away. I just gave her her soft food and she ate the whole portion. In 6 minutes. He is such a sucker for her.

The albino lizard family, of which one survives, thanks to Vader and his Meowsaad assassin crew, approves of the new lighting out on the patio. It stations itself under the net, in the middle, and just waits for dinner to come to the light. It still won't let me get a decent picture of it though. I will win tonight, I will take my camera out there and leave it there, since everything is locked up and there is no weather to speak of. I Will get a picture of that little bastard and his big, dark eyes.

i'm going to go research websites and see if I can't find a charity money raising site for Simon. If I had that set up and going when I brought all of this to Doc, it will soften the blow.

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