Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Watching Chewy run around chasing and being chased by the cats.

I deserve a nap. I've sat down for maybe three hours all together since 5 this morning. I just was so motivated, I kept doing stuff. The only thing that stopped me working outside was the sun. Once I ran out of covered patio to clean, it got hot on the top of my head. Then I made pan fried salmon and cheesy rice for lunch. Then I dusted and vacuumed and did the dishes and loaded the dishwasher (some dishes and all large utensils get hand washed). Plus I did tons of little tidying things.

I earned a nap. But it's too late now and I'm not tired. I have videos to make. Though I'll likely end up surfing on Twitter. Maybe I'll go back outside and write some more. This fall weather is conducive to poetry. I should try to write some.

The roots of my hair, the dark part, are about three inches long. I don't think I have enough dye to do them all seamlessly. So, I'm thinking about doing a Debbie Harry thing and letting the back grow in dark. It's worked for her for decades. No one really sees me. So it really isn't a big deal. I just need things to think about that aren't snakes in the carpet. (The newest Samuel L. Jackson Blockbusting Thriller: Snakes in a Carpet.)

Freddie just brought me her blue sparkly ball, very noisily. So I threw it into the dining room for her. She ran after it and pounced it and then carried it off to what sounds like the entry hall. I can't believe her daily racket doesn't wake doc up. I really am. Then again, I can take a bath in the room next to his and it doesn't wake him up. If you're in the room with him, he is a light sleeper, outside the room, he is dead to the world.

I've been up 12 hours and, unlike most days, I have something to show for it. Doc was so proud of me for getting so much accomplished today. I like making him proud, I like it when he's happy with me. I'm slowly learning that positive attention is way better than negative attention. I always thought attention was attention, but no.

Here's the link to the Chicken Bones song, you must give it a listen:

It's now almost 11pm. I just took a Seroquel and as soon as it starts to kick in, i am going to bed/couch.

I spent another two hours on the patio tonight. Watching Chewy run around chasing and being chased by the cats.

my ears itch. that's going to be my first text to kelli tomorrow.

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