Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's still only 75, i'm going to enjoy it while i can.

I had the most amazing, brilliant dreams last night. They were all wish fulfillment dreams. One involved First Friday and the other involved a roughly familiar area meant to represent the Mormon Church. It all had to do with acceptance. It was great. I hated to wake up. But every time I did, I went into another fabulous dream. It was a good night.

The rain has broken for a little while. A soggy Felix came home, he seems to have spent the whole night dancing in the streets.

Last night, Doc got up early and went and got me milk for my coffee before work. It was unspeakably sweet.

My butt is all wet. I rearranged, swept, cleaned and hosed the patio. Then I took video of it for the "before" video. Once i paint and recover and hang the drapes and such, will be the "after". So anyway, where the couch was, it was in the rain last night. I moved it to the focus of the seating area and have been sitting on it journaling. And thus, and ergo, my butt is all wet.

The dog has discovered on days like this, it's just as easy to sleep on the patio as it is to sleep in the house. so he's out there on the outside comfy chair napping.

So i'm going to make the video and then go back outside and read or something. it's still only 75, i'm going to enjoy it while i can.

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