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Will leave Caught on Camera on and listen to music.

I've made a momentous decision. I'm going to go back on Seroquel. It handled my symptoms the best, helped me sleep . . . it made me fat. I know this now and I can keep low-cal nutrient drinks around to stave off cravings I get. There are things I can do to manage my weight. It makes me fat because it makes me eat. But I'd rather be fat than sick. And I'm tired of being sick.

We didn't go adopt a new cat today. Yesterday, The Animal Foundation adopted out all 1,700 cats and kittens they had yesterday. They still had more at an alternate adoption center and foster animals that needed to come back and be adopted, but the urgency to save another soul was not overwhelming. We'll know if the time is right to get another animal.

Right now, Freddie has her blue sparkly ball in the kitchen and is howling at it. Teeny is running circles around her and playing with her Wild Turkey cork.

That walk yesterday did me good. I ached all over in such a good way today. I felt renewed. I should take Chewy on longer walks. I won't walk him down Trop or Russell, they are too busy and will freak him out. but there's a lot of neighborhood back here to explore and for him to pee on.

The house up the street that we almost rented is for rent again. actually, both the houses in this neighborhood that we were considering are vacant right now. I'm glad we picked this one, it's the best fit for us of the three. Dreamy house was nice with all of its modern stuff and open architecture, but we wouldn't have fit in. we fit in an older house with character. because we have character. our furniture has character. and Dreamy House was a split level, I prefer the Ranch style houses.

we got a light rain today. it lasted about a half an hour on and off. it cooled things down 20 degrees. It's only 82 right now. Same outside as inside. If it goes lower, i'm opening the windows, damn the humidity. there is a slight cool breeze that I would really like to have going through the house. this is the glorious part of monsoon season.

i once chatted with a person who got really upset and called me a great big liar for saying "monsoon season" regarding the weather here. Because everybody knows that monsoons only happen over water and we can't have monsoons in the desert. i told her the people on the news refer to it as monsoon season, and that it's because of all the moisture we get . . . it was very strange. people are fucking weird. she took the whole thing very personally.

79 degrees! Windows open, fans circulating. The lightning has started off to the east, it smells so good. I didn't watch the weather, so I don't know if it's supposed to rain, or . . . wait a minute . . . they are talking about it on the news. Rain expected never showed up . . . thunder storms popping up all over the valley . . . SAT/RAD has us covered with bright yellow and orange. Cool.

Did you get to catch any of that Great Martian War last night? I forgot to tell doc about it. I need to download it or something, he has to see it.

I want to stay up all night and see the rain and go out and play in it. I have about an hour and a half's worth of work to do tomorrow. And Doc told me it was okay if I was asleep when he got home. He's going to wake me up tomorrow morning anyway because he has to go over a note i wrote to my doctor about some paperwork I need filled out. It's a plea for him to authorize more FMLA days for doc to stay home with me when I need him. We simply can't afford overnight in-home care. We can barely afford for him to stay home with me when i need him. my doctor is flexible. if i have to go into the hospital to put my point across, i will.

Oooh, thunder. Scary. Quick, Chewy, cuddle mommy.

Doc had the great idea this weekend of going on a neighborhood "Kitten Run". Where we go around to the neighbors and ask if they are interested in adopting a kitten, explain the Animal Foundation's deal, and go and pick up then deliver the kittens. Logistics forbade it, ultimately, but it was a fabulous idea when hatched and we talked about it animatedly for quite a while.

Once I determined this morning that I could chew, indeed, could close my mouth fully, I made myself eggs and sausages. Then, after Doc went to work, I had the last of my Arby's sandwiches I squirreled away in the fridge. Doc got a cashier who let him use a bunch of coupons at once, so he got 4 big beef n cheddars and i kept them wrapped and put them in a big freezer bag and put them away to keep cool. take one out, unwrap it, wrap it loosely in a paper towel, place on plate, nuke 1 minute, then wait three minutes and unwrap and eat. Just as delicious as fresh.

The half Seroquel I took earlier to sleep still has me tired. But it also has the voices in my head quiet. The hallucinations are what they are. It takes more than two days of Seroquel to rid me of those. But it doesn't have me hungry.

The coolest thing of all? I don't need another codeine! the penicillin is working and the swelling is down and the pain is gone on its own. so i can put the pain pills away for emergencies.

I'm going out in the rain again. I'll be back before the next paragraph.

The thunder has gotten quite loud now, the cats have shown they would be no good if the Zombie Apocalypse is loud. I had to shut the windows. There is now a flash flood warning for here. I didn't want THAT much rain. We live near a really large wash, so flooding isn't an issue. Plus we live in one of the few hilly areas of the 'burbs.

Breakthrough this evening: Chewy peed in the back yard! He was dancing around like he really had to go, and doc was getting ready to go, so I couldn't take him for a walk, so I let him out back. He didn't try to escape, he just went out in the yard, picked a bit of grassy shrub and lifted his leg. Then he came back in. He's been out with me every time I've gone out tonight and hasn't tried to get away. So I'm pretty pleased with my dog tonight.

When the thunder clapped, I confirmed Lelu is deaf, she is the only one of us all that had no reaction to it. Nothing, didn't even look around. She didn't hear that. That settles it for me. There has been a question of it, because we don't want to have to admit that she has gone deaf. It makes us sad as parents, she's been with us for 16 years. Maybe 17.

I think I've mentioned this, but have you seen the little globe animation on my front page? ( It has a red dot everywhere that someone has visited the page from. Lot's of European action. It's neat. It also has a page counter, which shows how my front page gets no traffic. But that's not the important part, the red dots are. There are people coming at me from South Africa, how cool is that?

i have to finish my website re-do. and get Kelli's site coded and posted. Doc is tiring of his game, and the computer is available more. But most importantly, I actually feel like doing the work again.

Oh, shit, 9 minutes left of news, then TV wasteland, i need to find something to watch.

There is nothing. Will leave Caught on Camera on and listen to music.

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