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exactly four hours to the minute that i took the codeine, it stopped working and all the pain came flooding back at once. so i followed the instructions on the bottle and took another one. wow, i still had some pain on it, but i had forgotten how bad it had gotten. they say pain has no memory. i'm not sure who "they" are. but i think they're right. i would say this is worse than childbirth. and i've birthed a child. so i know, but i don't remember the pain, just that i handled it with no working anesthesia. this, this i can't take. labor ends, this never does without the pills. hopefully the penicillin he gave me will knock out the infection quickly.

my nightmare scenario is that i wake up tomorrow with a swollen face and have to go to the ER for IV antibiotic cocktails. i doubt that will happen. he was just scaring me because i don't take care of my teeth. he's really a very nice man. he just has a crappy lab. i'm going to go to him for the extractions, and then go to a denture specialty group for my new teeth. his prices are reasonable and he's a nice guy and his new assistant seems competent. more so than past assistants.

we got the lease renewal turned in. hopefully they won't lose it like they did the lease last year. they take good care of us. We're here another year!!!

The scene in the movie, "Casino Royale" where the house in Venice that they are fighting in? Do you know that scene, where the beautiful building crumbles into the canals? It BREAKS my heart, every time. I don't know if you know this about me, but I ache for beautiful architecture and especially abandoned classic buildings. There was an abandoned train depot in Valley Forge that I used to spend hours wandering around the outside of, imagining the stories of passengers passed.

So . . . the new cat decision: no for now. he says he can't bear going into the shelter again. i haven't broached the subject of me going in and picking the cat out and doing the paperwork. it would mean taking the truck, and he is not fond of that idea. tomorrow is the last day. we'll probably see it again on the news tonight.

I just went outside for a smoke and Cheeky Hummingbird buzzed my right ear and then hovered no more than 2 feet from me above the lantana on the table. and just hovered there and looked at me as i taunted it with words. And then Vader came over and lay, Sphinx-like at my feet and let me pet him. Now, Vader is doc's cat. I am rarely regarded by him. But it seems when I'm outside, they see me differently.

oh, wow. wow. wow. wow. the pain is gone. it's just a dull, mildly annoying ache. it doesn't even feel like it's a part of me. that could be the indica talking, though.

doc is sleeping. i know this because he is snoring. he has a very light, quiet snore. and he doesn't do it often. i happen to think it's wonderful. i try to tell him that and he just turns red and tells me to be quiet or changes the subject.

Chewy is starting to get used to going out with me in the back when i smoke or garden or clean or relax. He's still really clingy, but I figure he'll get more adventurous as he gets used to his new permanent captivity. he's down to one walk a day, he's got to get used to peeing in the back yard. And, wow, does he look forward to that walk. Doc takes him, and is very strict with him, but he looks forward to that walk. He jumps Doc when he gets home from work and runs circles around him while he changes his clothes to take Chewy to the park.

They don't go to the dog park part of the park anymore. Chewy is just to sketchy around other dogs. And the ones at our dog park seem like the children in our neighborhood/city . . . no damn discipline. Their doggy parents just sit there while their beasts swarm and hump Chewy, who is wholly traumatized by the whole thing. He likes big, calm dogs that give him space and that he can deal with one on one. That's why I think he would be okay with a big brother or sister. So long as said other dog bonded with Doc. If it tried to bond with me, I fear Chewy's behavior would get ugly.

Oooh, Flash Flood Warning for Southeast Clark County. That's me, baby. The sky is blue. I don't believe them. It doesn't smell like rain outside. You know that smell right before it starts to rain . . . yeah, no smell. No rain.

The casino commercials here are so funny. A mix between Monster Truck Bash/Car Dealership/Cruise Line commercials, they are uniquely obnoxious. I wonder if they are available on youtube.

Did I ever tell you that when I explored Obamacare in my state, my deductible would have been $6000, and my monthly premium $365. Since Doc hasn't properly filed his taxes for Obamacare, I'm not eligible through the system for Medicaid. Though, since I get SSDI, I am qualified for it. I wonder how many people fell into that hole. That's why I'm going to the office to apply for Medicaid. I couldn't do it online. Isn't that suck? How many other people are as clueless as Doc and I and this sucks for? Grrr. People need to know. I should probably write a tumblr blog about it, but it would likely be roundly ignored (or squarely) like everything else I do.

I'm going to owe Doc a lot of money come the middle of the month when my check is deposited. He's paying for the dentist and the meds. And we didn't discuss it, I just kind of made the phone call and the walk. I'm such a loyal patient, he let me blow off the fee for today until I come again.

I know I've complained about him. But now that I'm going to him and I'm NOT in a Haldol fugue, he is quite professional and thorough. He's also about 2 decades older than I thought he was. Man, that med fucked me up. If the shrink says, let's try Haldol, just go ahead and ask if there is some alternative that will not make you an active part of the Zombie Apocalypse.

If you're not doing anything tonight, tune into BBC America. They are playing a thing called "The Great Martian War". It's done documentary style with WWI footage with big-assed robot looking Martians carefully added. And then there is a narrator and guest speakers who each have a thing to say about the Aliens v. Allies battles. OMG, it is Nerd Candy. It is amazing! I had my doubts about it, but no, it is so well done. You forget you are watching fiction. They are now talking about chemical warfare on the Martian front. OH!

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