Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

A Major Loss

Major ran away. Well, Major sauntered away. We turned our backs for a moment and he was out and under the cars. then he went to the nieghbor's bushes and hid inside. so i know where he is, i just can't get him. he's scared of me at the moment. please let him come home.

Bad happenings, bad timing. The Animal Foundation is inundated with kittens, so they are waiving the adoption fee on all kittens under 6 months. and of course i want a kitten. doc is four square against it.

my tooth isn't hurting right now. it feels so good.

I miss my Major Mau Mau. Simon is curled up in his spot next to me, so it's not lonely, but I want my Major. He is not an outside cat. please let him come home and wait at the front door for me.

one of doc's tomato plants died. i haven't told him yet. i wish he had let me put them in pots like i wanted to.

we cruised through pinterest yesterday and looked at all the patio ideas. we're going to build that futon couch, and put draperies up at the posts. we may even put a nice outdoor carpet out there. there were so many ideas. jars with candles hanging from hooks. i think i'll do that on the main wall over where the futon couch is going to be.

We have this one porcelain pot. Big, 5 gallons. It's white with blue oriental designs on it. i'm sure you've seen the type. doc and i are thinking of getting a tall, skinny palm for it.

once the rent is paid and the lease turned in, we can work on it. i've pretty much given up on the back yard. the lights don't illuminate it at night, so, we're leaving it alone.

when doc wakes up i will go out and put up the net lights on the patio. i'm putting them out of the enclosure of the patio roof, on a blank part of the wall that is driving me crazy.

Major's not in the bush anymore. *sadsigh*

to send out a Home Again alert, I need to renew his subscription. and after telling me yes, doc changed his mind and said no. *anothersadsigh*

i'm going to go out and sweep the driveway and find other reasons to stay out front looking for Major.

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